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@grantr grantr/gist:450487
Created Jun 23, 2010

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# riddle/lib/riddle/client/response.rb
# Return the next integer value from the stream
def next_int
int = next_int_fast(@str, @marker)
@marker += 4
#TODO should make this independent of endianness (swap makes it only work on little-endian)
inline do |builder|
builder.c <<-EOC
static unsigned long next_int_fast(VALUE str, int mark)
char *s;
unsigned long m = 0;
s = RSTRING(str)->ptr + mark;
memcpy((char*)(&m), s, 4);
m = ((((m)&0xFF)<<24) \
|(((m)>>24)&0xFF) \
|(((m)&0x0000FF00)<<8) \
|(((m)&0x00FF0000)>>8) );
return m;
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