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Final snippets for "How to use JavaScript libraries in your Dart applications" article
// web/console.dart
library console;
import 'package:js/js.dart';
external void log(dynamic str);
<!-- web/index.html -->
<!DOCTYPE html>
<meta charset="utf-8">
<meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=edge">
<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0">
<meta name="scaffolded-by" content="">
<link rel="icon" href="favicon.ico">
<!-- JS dependency pulled here -->
<script defer src=""></script>
<script defer src="main.dart.js"></script>
<div id="output"></div>
// web/jquery.dart
library jquery;
import 'package:js/js.dart';
class jQuery {
external factory jQuery(String selector);
external int get length;
external jQuery css(CssOptions options);
external jQuery animate(AnimateOptions options);
class CssOptions {
external factory CssOptions({backgroundColor, height, position, width});
external dynamic get backgroundColor; // properties based on jQuery api
external dynamic get height;
external dynamic get position;
external dynamic get width;
class AnimateOptions {
external factory AnimateOptions({left, top});
external dynamic get left; // properties based on jQuery api
external dynamic get top;
// web/main.dart
import './console.dart';
import './jquery.dart';
void main() {
log('Hello world!');
backgroundColor: 'green',
height: 100,
position: 'relative',
width: 100))
.animate(AnimateOptions(left: 100, top: 100));
# ./pubspec.yaml
name: dart_js_interop
description: A demonstration on how to use JavaScript libraries a Dart web application
sdk: '>=2.0.0-dev.68.0 <3.0.0'
js: ^0.6.0
build_runner: ^0.9.0
build_web_compilers: ^0.4.0

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@graphicbeacon graphicbeacon commented Aug 23, 2018

Read the full article here.


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@heinzan heinzan commented Jun 18, 2020

Hi.I have local js file just encode and decode function how use that functions from flutter.
Eg. function encrypt(plaintext, password) {
var v = new Array(2), k = new Array(4), s = "", i;

  plaintext = escape(plaintext);  // use escape() so only have single-byte chars to encode

  // build key directly from 1st 16 chars of password
  for (var i=0; i<4; i++) k[i] = Str4ToLong(password.slice(i*4,(i+1)*4));

  for (i=0; i<plaintext.length; i+=8) {  // encode plaintext into s in 64-bit (8 char) blocks
    v[0] = Str4ToLong(plaintext.slice(i,i+4));  // ... note this is 'electronic codebook' mode
    v[1] = Str4ToLong(plaintext.slice(i+4,i+8));
    code(v, k);
    s += LongToStr4(v[0]) + LongToStr4(v[1]);

  return escCtrlCh(s);
  // note: if plaintext or password are passed as string objects, rather than strings, this
  // function will throw an 'Object doesn't support this property or method' error

this is a function.I can use in android with using rhino library and how use in dart.Please point me.bro thanks


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@graphicbeacon graphicbeacon commented Jun 18, 2020

Please post your question here

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