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static unsigned long x[624];
static int n;
void seed(unsigned long s) {
x[0] = s & 0xFFFFFFFFUL;
for (n=1;n<624;n++){x[n]=(1812433253UL*(x[n-1]^(x[n-1]>>30))+n);}n=0;
unsigned long rand() {
unsigned long y[2];
if (n==624) {
for (n = 0; n < 624 - 1; n++)
*y=(x[n] &0x80000000UL)|x[n+1]&0x7FFFFFFFUL,y[1]=(*y&0x1UL)?0x9908B0DFUL:0x0UL,x[n] =x[(n+397)%624]^(*y>>1)^a;
*y=(x[623]&0x80000000UL)|x[0] &0x7FFFFFFFUL,y[1]=(*y&0x1UL)?0x9908B0DFUL:0x0UL,x[623]=x[396] ^(*y>>1)^y[1],n=0;
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