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Last active Aug 29, 2015
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Theme Review texts
== '''Required''' ==
== '''Recommended''' ==
== '''Notes''' ==
== Review Summary ==
== '''Required''' ==
- Remove menu parameter from calls to wp_nav_menu(). Use only the theme_location parameter
- Please escape all settings on output.
- Function calls must be placed inside callbacks and hooked into appropriate actions or filters (such as after_setup_theme for Theme setup functions, or widgets_init for Widgets/dynamic sidebar functions)
- All code must be placed inside callbacks and hooked into appropriate actions or filters
- Please attribute and state the license of all of the assets(css, js, fonts and images) and php in the readme.
- Favicon, if used, must be user configurable and disabled by default (i.e. no default Favicon link displayed)
- Please use [ wp_enqueue_style] to load google fonts. e.g.
- The title tag in header.php can only contain wp_title();
- Please prefix all `wp_enqueue_style` and `wp_enqueue_script` handles that are not generic styles/scripts with the theme slug.
- You don't need to use `wp_register_style` you can directly use `wp_enqueue_style`
- Please sanitize the customizer settings. Please see the [ sanitize_callback]
- To be able to use `front-page-post-form` the theme needs to have the ablility to add new posts from the site front-end (reference P2 Theme)
- Please prefix the handle for `add_image_size`
- Please prefix all of the functions with the themes slug
- Custom post types are [ plugin territory]. Please remove them.
- Please use `wp_enqueue_style` to load the styles
- You only need cognize.pot and not default.po &
GPL-Compatible licenses
== '''Recommended''' ==
- It is best to mark jQuery as a dependency when loading a script then loading it separately.
- It is best practice to follow the [ WordPress coding standards].
- It is highly recommended to internationalize all strings so that people can translate your themes and the users are not forced to have the theme in English.
- Please see the [… best practices] for the i18n strings.
- I would recommend adding a [ POT file]
These links should help you with the validation.
== Review Summary ==
Diff review against previously approved theme. Changes are as noted by theme author. No visual issues found. Diff-review and quick test. This ticket is being resolved as '''APPROVED'''
The simple question use is "When the user switches the theme will the content still appear?"
1) If the answer is yes, you're good. (You can add it into the theme)
2) If the answer is no, you're not good. (It should go into a plugin)
emiluzelac - Emil Uzelac
karmatosed - Tammie
greenshady - Justin Tadlock
jcastaneda - Jose Castaneda
tskk - Srikanth
grapplerulrich - Ulrich
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