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Rebuilds installed DKAN distribution with fresh make files.
echo "Pulling in latest updates on branch $BRANCH from remote $GITURL."
# Change to git root directory.
cd "$(git rev-parse --show-toplevel)"
git subtree pull --squash --prefix=$PREFIX $GITURL $BRANCH
# Pull down latest copy of DKAN.
GIT_ROOT=$(git rev-parse --show-toplevel)
echo "Removing docroot"
rm -rf docroot
echo "Building DKAN profile"
drush make -y scripts/build-dkan-profile.make docroot --no-gitinfofile
# Remove .gitignore files that are undesired.
rm docroot/profiles/dkan/.gitignore
rm docroot/profiles/dkan/libraries/Leaflet/.gitignore
echo "Symlinking sites directory to docroot/sites"
cd docroot
rm -rf sites
ln -s ../sites
echo "Symlinking .htaccess docroot/.htaccess"
rm .htaccess
ln -s ../.htaccess
echo "Symlinking robots.txt to docroot/robots.txt"
rm robots.txt
ln -s ../robots.txt
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