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Created Apr 28, 2019
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Lumo plumbing
;; to use in cursive:
;; 1. create a project.clj, deps.edn or pom.xml with tubular dependency and open in Cursive
;; 2. create new run-config
;; 3. select clojure.main as repl type
;; 4. specify socket_repl.clj (this file) in `Parameters`
;; 5. run lumo with socket repl:
;; lumo --socket-repl 5555 --classpath src-dir1:src-dir2 --dependencies some/dep:0.1.0-SNAPSHOT,other-dep:1.0.1
;; 6. run run-config from cursive
(ns socket-repl
(:require [tubular.core]))
(tubular.core/connect 5555)
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