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graymouser / gist:8771fdcf0d7715929073b4f8b6143b40
Created Nov 12, 2016
Setup taskwarrior taskserver on ec2 amazon linux
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#A sequence for installing a taskwarrior server on an ec2 amazon linux instance
#hopefully this can save someone a bunch of time
#FIRST go to the ec2 instance management panel,
#edit the security group for the instance and add an inbound rule, custom tcp, port 53589, source anywhere (
#THEN ssh to the box as ec2-user and run the following
#build taskserver
sudo yum install gcc cmake gnutls-devel gnutls-utils libuuid-devel clang
curl -O
graymouser / hb_all_books_dl.js
Created Feb 28, 2016
Humble bundle book bundles - download all books at once
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After purchasing a humble book bundle, go to your download page for that bundle.
Open a console window for the page and paste in the below javascript
if ($.trim($(this).text()) == 'MOBI') {
$('body').append('<iframe id="dl_iframe_'+i+'" style="display:none;">');
document.getElementById('dl_iframe_'+i).src = $(this).data('web');