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Simple script to block annoying twitter spammers. Requires twitter API codes.
#!/usr/bin/env python
#Python3.4.3 compatable
#All the credit for this goes to the original author 00101010b.
#I just added a for loop and list of possible account names.
# Import TwitterAPI
# you can install this library via the commandline:
# $ pip install --user TwitterAPI
from TwitterAPI import TwitterAPI
# setup TwitterAPI
# you will have to get an API key set from: before you can use this script.
api = TwitterAPI( \
consumer_key='redacted', \
consumer_secret='redacted', \
access_token_key='redacted', \
access_token_secret='redacted' \
# get a list of already blocked users.
blockedUsers = list(set(user['screen_name'] for user in api.request('blocks/list', {'include_entities': 'false', 'skip_status':'true'})))
#list of possible varioations on account names
iph_derp = ("iPh0ne6","iph0ne6","iPhon36","iphon36","iPh0ne 6","iph0ne 6","iPhon3 6","iphon3 6","iPh0ne Six","iph0ne Six","iPhon3 Six","iphon3 Six")
for i in range(len(iph_derp)):
# perform our search for iphone spam and get the list of users.
for user in list(set(post['user']['screen_name'] for post in api.request('search/tweets', {'q': str(i), 'count':'100', 'include_entities':'false'}))):
# check if our current user is already in our block list
# if they are let us know about it.
if user in blockedUsers:
print ("User '%s' already blocked." % user)
# if they aren't, block them.
blocked = api.request('blocks/create', {'screen_name': user})
if blocked:
print ("Blocked user: [ @%s ]." % user)
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I'm a noob at programming. How can I use this script to use my CSV file of user account names I want to block? It is a csv file with 30k troll accounts. Please help.

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Limits? How many users can be blocked with it ?

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