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@gre /timelapse
Last active Aug 29, 2015

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[MacOSX] Minimal script for timelapse capturing your screen
# Minimal script for timelapse capturing your screen in MacOSX.
# You must run the script, from an empty directory where the images will be stored.
# Usage: ./timelapse
# or
# Usage: ./timelapse <seconds>
# Default capture every 10 seconds, which is about 10 minutes of 30fps video for a 48 hours record.
# On a Retina Macbook Pro, it will needs about 15 Go of images for 48 hours of images.
# See:
while ((1)); do
screencapture -x -t jpg "$(date '+%Y-%m-%d@%Hh%Mm%S').jpg"
# Gaëtan Renaudeau - DWTFYW License

gre commented Apr 25, 2014

for generating the video, please come back here in 3 days :-)
I'm going to do it after the ludumdare,
anyway, it is super trivial with ffmpeg

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