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Last active Nov 15, 2018
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Super-small scripts for easy PlayFramework deployment
sbt stage || exit 1;
rsync -va target/ $REMOTE:$REMOTE_APP/target;
ssh $REMOTE "cd $REMOTE_APP; ./";
ssh $REMOTE "cd $REMOTE_APP; ./";
nohup ./target/universal/stage/bin/APPLICATION_SBT_NAME -Dhttp.port=9090 &
# You can provide all the -Dsettings you need to set for your application here :-)
test -f RUNNING_PID && kill `cat RUNNING_PID` && sleep 5;

How to use

  • Put in the root of your (playframework) project
  • edit and set up the ssh access (REMOTE) and the remote app directory (REMOTE_APP).
  • On the server, create an empty directory at $REMOTE_APP and put and in it.
  • Optionally, edit the http port for convenience in ./
  • run ./ and enjoy your deployment loop


  • It does incremental upload (only upload what have change) with rsync.
  • It uses sbt stage which compile the application locally on your machine so you only need java on your server.
  • It kills the server before uploading and restarts it.
  • It displays server log in your console at the end of the, you can Ctrl-C and it keep the server up.


  • ssh authorized_keys is your friend.
  • It uses nohup to keep the application running which is not perfect but works: Of-course there must be better tools, for maintaining play applications as UNIX daemons, this one was just fine for me :)

Now, Fork me if you want & DWTFYW

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