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Created August 11, 2014 01:08
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The journal I (barely) kept while on my 1 week Emacs challenge
Mon Aug 4 11:09:40 2014
Finally got YASnippets working, spent the last half an hour I guess.
Moved some of the snippets I have from Vim. Still not quite sure how it works so
that I just have to press tab after writing the snippets name, without breaking
the tab character which currently outputs 3C3EB0 for some reason...
[Mon Aug 4 14:11:29 2014
Deleted the original character for that "wrong tab" that was appearing.
Emacs rendered it as a square with the following characters in it: "3C3EB0"
It was causing trouble when saving the file so I just removed it.]
And also I made a snippet to insert the current day and time, so that I can skip
that part of the hard work of keeping a journal.
Mon Aug 4 11:44:29 2014
Researching how to make a tab works like a tab that's sane and not some crazy
thing. Making it work like a tab is easy, making it not break with YASnippet,
that's hard.
Mon Aug 4 12:32:20 2014
Found this:
In the end it doesn't seem like there's a really good solution.
Mon Aug 4 13:40:18 2014
Thought of an idea to solve the problem with soft and hard tabs and stuff. I
won't configure any tabs in my config file, instead I would use the EditorConfig
plugin and just have a file for each project. Which is a good idea to do anyway.
Mon Aug 4 14:01:34 2014
That seems like it would work just fine! I'm just so great. :P
Tue Aug 5 11:34:36 2014
I decided to use Evil as little as possible, only use it whenever I feel
desparate for speed. Because I am not used to normal Emacs language yet I will
be using one ore more cheat sheets, which I should probably do anyway. This is
being written in normal Emacs BTW.
I am realizing I really need to find some goto-last-line and goto-first-line,
really miss this from Vim, I remember reading a solution somewhere.
Tue Aug 5 12:24:01 2014
Found out about M-< and M-> for go to beginning and end of file. Forgot about
Tue Aug 5 14:35:16 2014
I found out that M-m goes to the first non-whitespace character in the current
line. Very useful, gonna use it from now on.
Wed Aug 6 10:08:37 2014
Forgot to mention that I am working on changing to el-get from using Melpa.
It is quite straightforward once you understand it.
Wed Aug 6 10:31:44 2014
Finished migrating to el-get. That was fun.
Wed Aug 6 10:55:12 2014
Noticed I have been getting more and more comfortable with editing text inside
Emacs, of course not yet as comfortable as Vim, but at least I don't fumble
around too much, anymore.
Wed Aug 6 17:33:07 2014
Finally figured out how to have a --reverse-video effect on my GUI Emacs, without
having to launch it from the terminal with --reverse-video.
Also just noticed when I ran the indent-region command on a region I selected, in
the echo area a tip appeared telling me I could use C-M-\:
You can run the command `indent-region' with C-M-\
That's a nice touch, and I can actually learn very quickly with something like
Thu Aug 7 19:30:06 2014
Paredit is very useful, had a chance to try it yesterday.
Thu Aug 7 20:35:54 2014
Chat with Raam:
One thing I am realizing though, now that I am living it and seeing other
people talk about it, etc., Emacs is for the people that want to customize
their text editing experience to the limit. While I love customizing my
environment, I prefer to leave the editor "defaults" alone. Like on Vim
there aren't a lot of default keys that I customize, if anything I replace
them with a better version of themselves, for example.
Fri Aug 8 09:31:52 2014
Day... 6 or 5... 5. Looking forward to Vim, as I feel like I've got a good grasp
now on what using Emacs is like.
Sat Aug 9 20:21:39 2014
I've noticed I've just stopped coding since I switched to Emacs. Not completely
of course, but my personal projects for example, I don't code those anymore.
Just waiting for the week period to end so that I can start coding productively
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