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ACT Release Notes - 1.4.11

ActFramework Release notes for 1.4.11

Change log

  • catch up update to 1.3.14-LTS
  • Support running CLI Job in background #267
  • job.list CLI command failure #355

The followings are catch up from 1.3.14-LTS

  • Improve maven build process #372
  • Improve logging support #370
  • Simplify start API/implementation #369
  • Introduce osgl-bootstrap and osgl-ut #368
  • It shall not try to instantiate commander class for command implemented on static method #367
  • NPE when building param tree #365
  • Deadlock on app start #363
  • Binder annotation on bean field doesn't work #362
  • Support app defined parameter binder annotation #361
  • Improve app version reading support #359
  • If no file selected in an upload form, the server side will trigger a 500 server error #357
  • ProvidesImplicitTemplateVariable generates bad rythm template source code #354
  • The rest parameters is always null after @DbBind annotated parameter #353
  • Support API document generation #351
  • Improve Catch interceptor API #350
  • Get DbService list from DbServiceManager by plugin class #273
  • Fix regression issues: #287 and #297

Plugin projects updated for act-1.4.11:

  • act-aaa-1.2.5
  • act-ebean-1.2.3
  • act-ebean2-1.1.4
  • act-excel-1.2.0
  • act-morphia-1.2.1
  • act-mustache-1.2.0
  • act-social-link-0.9.0
  • act-storage-0.11.0

Plugin projects to be updated:

  • act-beetl
  • act-beetlsql
  • act-freemarker
  • act-velocity
  • act-thymeleaf

Note the above projects might be able to use with act-1.4.11, but they are not tested

Break changes:

  • App.LOGGER get removed. Please use Act.LOGGER instead
  • app.version file is no longer used to get app version info. please put a .version file in a folder corresponding to your app's package name. For more information about version file, please checkout osgl-bootstrap
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