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Jesper Skytte Marcussen greew

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greew /
Last active Jan 22, 2021
Installing my Raspberry Pi

Installing Raspberry Pi with backup, DLNA and web server

This is mostly for my own reference - I tend to forget such setup settings after a few weeks, but if you can use any of it, feel free to copy along.

Currently, I'm using my Raspberry Pi for backup, DLNA streaming movies to my smart TV and for home web server, running a few internal services.

Required Hardware

greew /
Created Mar 6, 2020
Don't start evolution-calendar-factory
greew /
Created Mar 3, 2020
Setup SSTP VPN connection in Ubuntu 18.04

Setup SSTP VPN connection in Ubuntu 18.04

Run the following

sudo apt-get update &&
sudo apt-get upgrade &&
sudo add-apt-repository -y ppa:eivnaes/network-manager-sstp &&
sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install -y network-manager &&
sudo apt-get install -y sstp-client&&
greew / Fix Spotify stuck in full screen (Ubuntu 18.04.01) installed from snap
Last active Jul 21, 2021
Fix Spotify stuck in full screen (Ubuntu) installed from snap
View Fix Spotify stuck in full screen (Ubuntu 18.04.01) installed from snap
I experienced Spotify being stuck in full screen mode.
The title bar with minimize, maximize and close wasn't present and no keyboard shortcut I know about would exit full screen.
rm ~/snap/spotify/current/.config/spotify/prefs
Works both in 18.04.01 and 20.04.x
View gist:8551d1d7444ed56a5dc50e3f7c92069d
# Get a list of where HEAD has been recently
git reflog
# Check the sha1 where you think the correct code might be
git show <sha1>
# When you've found it, merge it back in
git merge <sha1>

Keybase proof

I hereby claim:

  • I am greew on github.
  • I am greew ( on keybase.
  • I have a public key whose fingerprint is 7C24 39F2 41CD 0601 E8C7 3B8C 7B55 3291 4A25 F6F8

To claim this, I am signing this object:

View gist:9451a34966371035f019
Date/Time: 2016-03-11 13:20:14 +0100
OS Version: Mac OS X 10.11.3 (Build 15D21)
Architecture: x86_64
Report Version: 19
Command: Paw
Path: /Applications/
Version: 2.3.2 (2003002001)
Parent: launchd [1]
PID: 80756
greew / gist:48d4b7cc4c6e9c70b175
Created Mar 2, 2016
CakePHP 3.2.x + MySQL 5.7 problem?
View gist:48d4b7cc4c6e9c70b175
PHP Warning: Fixture creation for "site_authors" failed "SQLSTATE[42000]: Syntax error or access violation: 1171 All parts of a PRIMARY KEY must be NOT NULL; if you need NULL in a key, use UNIQUE instead" in /Users/jesper/code/cakephp/src/TestSuite/Fixture/TestFixture.php on line 303
PHP Stack trace:
PHP 1. {main}() /Users/jesper/code/cakephp/vendor/phpunit/phpunit/phpunit:0
PHP 2. PHPUnit_TextUI_Command::main() /Users/jesper/code/cakephp/vendor/phpunit/phpunit/phpunit:47
PHP 3. PHPUnit_TextUI_Command->run() /Users/jesper/code/cakephp/vendor/phpunit/phpunit/src/TextUI/Command.php:100
PHP 4. PHPUnit_TextUI_TestRunner->doRun() /Users/jesper/code/cakephp/vendor/phpunit/phpunit/src/TextUI/Command.php:149
PHP 5. PHPUnit_Framework_TestSuite->run() /Users/jesper/code/cakephp/vendor/phpunit/phpunit/src/TextUI/TestRunner.php:440
PHP 6. PHPUnit_Framework_TestSuite->run() /Users/jesper/code/cakephp/vendor/phpunit/phpunit/src/Framework/TestSuite.php:747
PHP 7. Cake\Test\TestCase\DatabaseSuite->run() /Users