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public static class NullCheckExtensions
public static bool IsNullOrEmpty(this string value) => string.IsNullOrEmpty(value);
public static bool IsNullOrWhitespace(this string value) => string.IsNullOrWhiteSpace(value);
public static bool IfNotNull<T>(this T value, Action<T> trueAction)
if (value == null) return false;
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## Macro title: UML Sequence Diagram
## Macro has a body: Y
## Body processing: Unrendered
## This macro allows use of js-sequence-diagrams from
## Developed by: Greg MacLellan
## Date created: 2015-09-15
## 2015-09-21: Added suppor for displaying parse errors while rendering
## Installed by: Greg MacLellan
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For my own reference, settings that are necessary to make Windows 8/8.1 nice.

Start menu

StartIsBack or Start8. Either work, and this is absolutely essential.

Disable forced auto-update

This inevitably happens during something important. Glad to see MS forces updates -- but... I will restart when I restart.

View signtool.msbuild.tasks
Sign .exe files using signtool.exe.
(c) 2014 Greg MacLellan, Licensed under MIT
* Hides password from being displayed in build output
* Retries against multiple timestamp servers if the server returns an invalid response (fairly common)
View jira-paste-tablizied.js
Listens for a paste event into a JIRA wiki textarea
If there is at least one tab and newline in the pasted text,
and then every line contains the same number of tabs,
it is turned into a table using JIRA wiki markup syntax.
By Greg MacLellan, 2014-04-09. BSD License.
jQuery('').live('paste', function() {
var self = jQuery(this);
var originalText = self.val();
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-- Returns the same results of MS SQL Server sp_spaceused, but in a single result set
-- from first result set of 'exec sp_spacedused'
db_name() as [database_name]
,ltrim(str((convert (dec (15,2),sf.dbsize) + convert (dec (15,2),sf.logsize)) * 8192 / 1048576,15,2) + ' MB') as [database_size]
,ltrim(str((case when sf.dbsize >= pages.reservedpages then
(convert (dec (15,2),sf.dbsize) - convert (dec (15,2),pages.reservedpages))
* 8192 / 1048576 else 0 end),15,2) + ' MB') as [unallocated space]
View SingleCall.cs
/// <summary>
/// Creates a wrapper that ensures a passed method can only be invoked once, even if
/// called on multiple threads. If invocation has already started by another thread,
/// blocks until that the actual call is complete.
/// </summary>
public class SingleCall
private readonly object _lock = new object();
private bool called = false;
View CallTargetsParallel.tasks
Licensed under BSD (
Copyright (c) 2014, Greg MacLellan
All rights reserved.
Redistribution and use in source and binary forms, with or without modification, are permitted provided that the following conditions are met:
1. Redistributions of source code must retain the above copyright notice, this list of conditions and the following disclaimer.
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$http_codes = array(
100 => 'Continue',
101 => 'Switching Protocols',
102 => 'Processing',
200 => 'OK',
201 => 'Created',
202 => 'Accepted',
203 => 'Non-Authoritative Information',

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