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Long weekend

Gregory Clarke gregology

Long weekend
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# Copyright (c) 2013 Nyr. Released under the MIT License.
# Detect Debian users running the script with "sh" instead of bash
if readlink /proc/$$/exe | grep -q "dash"; then
echo "This script needs to be run with bash, not sh"
gregology /
Last active March 27, 2017 23:24
Collision detection module for Python
from datetime import datetime, timedelta
from math import asin, sin, acos, cos, atan2, tan, radians, degrees, sqrt
import operator
# lots of help from
EARTHS_RADIUS = 6371 * 1000.0 # meters
class Coordinates:
curl \
-F access_token=YOUR_ACCESS_TOKEN \
-F page=1 \
-F per_page=100 \
gregology / .bashrc
Created February 3, 2016 21:43
Alias and alike
alias brake='bundle exec rake'
alias brails='bundle exec rails'
gregology / Dropbox Ubuntu
Last active February 2, 2016 02:01
Keeping an eye on the run away Dropbox service on Ubuntu.

Dropbox Ubuntu Scripts

I was haing some trouble (OOMing and crashing) with Dropbox running on an old Ubuntu laptop so I wrote a couple of scripts to keep it in check. The first one shuts down Dropbox when a threshold load average is met (4.00). And the second one restarts the Dropbox process if it crashes.


*/10 * * * * ~/ >> ~/dropbox_restarter.log
*/1 * * * * ~/ >> ~/dropbox_load_limiter.log
from __future__ import unicode_literals
import pytest
from starscream.records import Record
class TestBug():
def create_field_1_based_rdd(self, foo_rdd):
return rec: rec.rename_keys(id='int field')
foo = sc.records([{'foo': 123}, {'foo': 321}])
bar = sc.records([{'bar': 123}, {'bar': 321}])
baz = sc.records([{'baz': 123}, {'baz': 321}])
qux = foo.cartesian(bar)\
.map(lambda (x,y): x.merge(y))\
.map(lambda (x,y): x.merge(y))
gregology / dashboard
Last active December 8, 2020 14:19
Service script for dashing. Update DASHING_DIR variable, add this file to /etc/init.d/ , chmod to 755, and let update rc.d with $ sudo update-rc.d dashboard defaults This scripts stops the dashing service with "killall thin" which will kill all thin services running on your server.
# Dashing service
# Add this file to /etc/init.d/
# $ sudo cp dashboard /etc/init.d/
# Update variables DASHING_DIR, GEM_HOME, & PATH to suit your installation
# $ sudo nano /etc/init.d/dashboard
# Make executable
# $ sudo chmod 755 /etc/init.d/dashboard
# Update rc.d
# $ sudo update-rc.d dashboard defaults
gregology /
Created March 19, 2013 14:47
Facebook link stats


Put the facebooklinkstats.rb to jobs/facebooklinkstats.rb.

Add the code from facebooklinkstats.erb to the desired dashboard.