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Forking an enumerator computation
{-# LANGUAGE ScopedTypeVariables #-}
import Control.Concurrent (killThread)
import Control.Concurrent.BoundedChan
import Control.Concurrent.Thread
import Control.Exception (SomeException)
import Control.Monad.CatchIO
import Control.Monad.Trans
import Prelude hiding (catch)
import qualified Data.Enumerator.List as E
import Snap.Iteratee
chanToIter :: BoundedChan (Maybe a) -> Iteratee a IO ()
chanToIter chan = go
go = E.head >>=
maybe (liftIO $ writeChan chan Nothing)
(\x -> liftIO (writeChan chan (Just x)) >> go)
chanToEnum :: BoundedChan (Maybe a) -> Enumerator a IO b
chanToEnum chan = check
readUntilEOF = do
mbX <- liftIO $ readChan chan
maybe (return ()) (const readUntilEOF) mbX
getStreamChunk = do
mbX <- liftIO $ readChan chan
return $ maybe EOF (Chunks . (:[])) mbX
check (Continue k) = do
stream <- getStreamChunk
step <- lift $ runIteratee $ k stream
check step
check (Yield x r) = readUntilEOF >> yield x r
check (Error e) = throwError e
forkEnumerator :: MonadIO m =>
(Enumerator a IO b -> IO c)
-> m (Iteratee a IO c)
forkEnumerator func = do
chan <- liftIO $ newBoundedChan chanSize
(tid, resultThunk) <- liftIO $ forkIO $ func $ chanToEnum chan
return $ mkOutputIter tid resultThunk chan
chanSize = 4
mkOutputIter tid resultThunk chan = do
res <- outputIter `catch` \(e::SomeException) -> do
liftIO $ killThread tid
throwError e
either throwError return res
outputIter = do
chanToIter chan
liftIO resultThunk
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