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some emacs nyxt commands
(defun emacs-with-nyxt-sly-connect (host port)
"Connect Sly to HOST and PORT ignoring version mismatches."
(sly-connect host port)
(sleep-for 1))
(defvar emacs-with-nyxt-sly-nyxt-delay 0.3)
(defun emacs-with-nyxt-start-and-connect-to-nyxt (&optional no-maximize)
"Start Nyxt with swank capabilities. Optionally skip window maximization with NO-MAXIMIZE."
(async-shell-command (format "nyxt -e \"(nyxt-user::start-slynk)\""))
(while (not (ignore-errors (not (emacs-with-nyxt-sly-connect "localhost" "4006"))))
(message "Starting Swank connection...")
(sleep-for emacs-with-nyxt-sly-nyxt-delay))
(sleep-for 5)
`(load "~/quicklisp/setup.lisp"))
`(defun replace-all (string part replacement &key (test #'char=))
"Return a new string in which all the occurences of the part is replaced with replacement."
(with-output-to-string (out)
(loop with part-length = (length part)
for old-pos = 0 then (+ pos part-length)
for pos = (search part string
:start2 old-pos
:test test)
do (write-string string out
:start old-pos
:end (or pos (length string)))
when pos do (write-string replacement out)
while pos))))
`(defun eval-in-emacs (&rest s-exps)
"Evaluate S-EXPS with emacsclient."
(let ((s-exps-string (replace-all
`(progn ,@s-exps) :case :downcase)
;; Discard the package prefix.
"nyxt::" "")))
(format *error-output* "Sending to Emacs:~%~a~%" s-exps-string)
(list "emacsclient" "--eval" s-exps-string) :output :string)))))
(defun browse-url-nyxt (url &optional new-window)
"Browse URL with Nyxt. NEW-WINDOW is ignored."
(interactive "sURL: ")
(unless (sly-connected-p) (emacs-with-nyxt-start-and-connect-to-nyxt))
(emacs-with-nyxt-browse-url-nyxt url url))
(defun emacs-with-nyxt-browse-url-nyxt (url &optional buffer-title)
"Open URL with Nyxt and optionally define BUFFER-TITLE."
(interactive "sURL: ")
(if buffer-title
`(:buffer (make-buffer :title ,buffer-title))
(unless buffer-title
(midraal/nyxt-switch-buffer buffer-title)))
(defun emacs-with-nyxt-search-first-in-nyxt-current-buffer (string)
"Search current Nyxt buffer for STRING."
(interactive "sString to search: ")
(unless (sly-connected-p) (emacs-with-nyxt-start-and-connect-to-nyxt))
(car (nyxt/web-mode::matches-from-json
(nyxt/web-mode::query-buffer :query ,string)))
:scroll 't)))
(defun emacs-with-nyxt-sly-repl-send-sexps (&rest s-exps)
"Evaluate S-EXPS with Nyxt Sly session."
(let ((s-exps-string (s-join "" (--map (prin1-to-string it) s-exps))))
(if (sly-connected-p)
(cdr (sly-eval `(slynk:eval-and-grab-output ,s-exps-string)))
(error "Sly is not connected to Nyxt. Run `emacs-with-nyxt-start-and-connect-to-nyxt' first"))))
(defun midraal/get-nyxt-buffers ()
(when (sly-connected-p)
'(map 'list (lambda (el) (slot-value el 'title)) (buffer-list))))))
(defun midraal/nyxt-switch-buffer (&optional title)
(if (sly-connected-p)
(let ((title (or title (completing-read "Title: " (midraal/get-nyxt-buffers)))))
`(switch-buffer :id (slot-value (find-if #'(lambda (el) (equal (slot-value el 'title) ,title)) (buffer-list)) 'id))))
(error (format "%s is not connected to Nyxt. Run `emacs-with-nyxt-start-and-connect-to-nyxt' first" cl-ide))))
(defun midraal/get-nyxt-commands ()
(when (sly-connected-p)
`(let ((commands (make-instance 'command-source)))
(map 'list (lambda (el) (slot-value el 'name)) (funcall (slot-value commands 'prompter:CONSTRUCTOR) commands)))))))
(defun midraal/nyxt-run-command (&optional command)
(if (sly-connected-p)
(let ((command (or command (completing-read "Execute command: " (midraal/get-nyxt-commands)))))
(emacs-with-nyxt-sly-repl-send-sexps `(nyxt::run-async ',(read command))))
(error (format "%s is not connected to Nyxt. Run `emacs-with-nyxt-start-and-connect-to-nyxt' first" cl-ide))))
(defun midraal/nyxt-take-over-prompt ()
(defun flatten (structure)
(cond ((null structure) nil)
((atom structure) (list structure))
(t (mapcan #'flatten structure))))
(defun prompt (&REST args)
(flet ((ensure-sources (specifiers)
(mapcar (lambda (source-specifier)
((and (symbolp source-specifier)
(c2cl:subclassp source-specifier 'source))
(make-instance source-specifier))
(t source-specifier)))
(uiop:ensure-list specifiers))))
(sleep 0.1)
(let* ((promptstring (list (getf args :prompt)))
(sources (ensure-sources (getf args :sources)))
(names (mapcar (lambda (ol) (slot-value ol 'prompter:attributes)) (flatten (mapcar (lambda (el) (slot-value el 'PROMPTER::INITIAL-SUGGESTIONS)) sources))))
(completed (read-from-string (eval-in-emacs `(midraal/nyxt-complete ',promptstring ',names))))
(find-if (lambda (el) (equal completed (slot-value el 'PROMPTER::ATTRIBUTES))) (flatten (mapcar (lambda (el) (slot-value el 'PROMPTER::INITIAL-SUGGESTIONS)) sources))))
(selected-class (find-if (lambda (el) (find suggestion (slot-value el 'PROMPTER::INITIAL-SUGGESTIONS))) sources)))
(if selected-class
(funcall (car (slot-value selected-class 'PROMPTER::ACTIONS)) (list (slot-value suggestion 'PROMPTER:VALUE)))
(funcall (car (slot-value (car sources) 'PROMPTER::ACTIONS)) (list completed)))))))))
(defun midraal/nyxt-complete (prompt names)
(let* ((completions (--map (s-join "\t" (--map (s-join ": " it) it)) names))
(completed-string (completing-read (s-append ": " (car prompt)) completions))
(completed-index (-elem-index completed-string completions)))
(if (numberp completed-index)
(nth completed-index names)
(with-eval-after-load 'consult
(consult--define-state nyxt)
(defvar nyxt-buffer-source
`(:name "Nyxt"
:hidden t
:narrow ?n
:category browser
:items ,#'midraal/get-nyxt-buffers
:action ,#'midraal/nyxt-switch-buffer))
(add-to-list 'consult-buffer-sources 'nyxt-buffer-source 'append))
(setq browse-url-browser-function 'browse-url-nyxt)
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