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$with scripts <- ["Prelude", "Config", "KV"]
^{combineScripts "app" scripts}
renderHamlet Bool (Text Text Sh FilePath) Text
renderHamlet isDebug hasher =
let hashedFile fp = toTextIgnore $
if isDebug then fp else unsafePerformIO $ shelly $ do
contents readfile fp
hasher (LT.fromStrict $ fromJust $ extension fp) contents
in renderHtml $(hamletFile "combine.html.hamlet")
combineScripts path = (mkScripts map encodeString)
(if isDebug then id else unsafePerformIO combine "js") map (λfp path </> fp <.> "js")
mkScripts scripts = [hamletN|$forall script <- scripts
<script type=text/javascript src=#{script}>
combine Text [FilePath] IO [FilePath]
combine ext files = shelly $ do
contents mapM readfile files
let content = LT.concat contents
fmap (:[]) $ hasher ext content
hashedFile Text Text Sh FilePath
hashedFile ext orig = shelly $ do
(hashedName, content) hashedFileWithContents ext orig
let newName = (if ext "js" then "scripts" else "resources/css") </> hashedName
writefile (deploy_dir </> newName) content
return newName
hashedFileWithContents Text Text Sh (FilePath, Text)
hashedFileWithContents ext orig = do
contents if ext "js" then uglify orig else return orig
let hashed = hashContents contents
return (hashed `addExtension` LT.toStrict ext, contents)
uglify :: Text -> Sh Text
uglify contents = do
setStdin contents
print_stdout False $ cmd "../vendor/node_modules/uglify-js/bin/uglifyjs" ""
-- from yesod-static
hashContents Text FilePath
hashContents = decodeString base64 hash TE.encodeUtf8 LT.toStrict
base64 ByteString String
base64 = map tr
take 8
tr '+' = '-'
tr '/' = '_'
tr c = c
-- use:
renderHamlet True undefined -- development
renderHamlet False hashedFile -- production
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