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Last active February 12, 2020 13:47
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Sample asyncio bot for Slack
"""Sample Slack ping bot using asyncio and websockets."""
import asyncio
import json
import signal
import aiohttp
from config import DEBUG, TOKEN
import websockets
async def api_call(method, data=None, file=None, token=TOKEN):
"""Perform an API call to Slack.
:param method: Slack API method name.
:param type: str
:param data: Form data to be sent.
:param type: dict
:param file: file pointer to send (for files.upload).
:param type: file
:param token: OAuth2 tokn
:param type: str
with aiohttp.ClientSession() as session:
form = aiohttp.FormData(data or {})
form.add_field("token", token)
if file:
form.add_field("file", file)
async with'{0}'.format(method),
data=form) as response:
assert 200 == response.status, ("{0} with {1} failed."
.format(method, data))
return await response.json()
async def producer(send, timeout=20):
"""Produce a ping message every timeout seconds."""
while RUNNING:
await asyncio.sleep(timeout)
send({"type": "ping"})
async def consumer(message):
"""Consume the message by printing it."""
message = json.loads(message)
if message.get('type') == 'message':
user_info = await api_call('',
print("{user[user][name]}: {message[text]}"
.format(user=user_info, message=message))
async def bot(get, token=TOKEN):
"""Create a bot that joins Slack."""
rtm = await api_call("rtm.start")
assert 'ok' in rtm and rtm['ok'], "Error connecting to RTM."
async with websockets.connect(rtm["url"]) as ws:
while RUNNING:
listener_task = asyncio.ensure_future(ws.recv())
producer_task = asyncio.ensure_future(get())
done, pending = await asyncio.wait(
[listener_task, producer_task],
for task in pending:
if listener_task in done:
message = listener_task.result()
if producer_task in done:
message = producer_task.result()
await ws.send(message)
def stop():
"""Gracefully stop the bot."""
global RUNNING
print("Stopping... closing connections.")
if __name__ == "__main__":
loop = asyncio.get_event_loop()
outbox = asyncio.Queue()
loop.add_signal_handler(signal.SIGINT, stop)
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