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Convert HTML to Excel online

Download HTML as Excel with C# .NET

In order to analyze website data, process reports, or share information with colleagues, the conversion of HTML to Excel offers numerous benefits. This article explores the seamless process of HTML to Excel conversion using GroupDocs.Conversion Cloud SDK for .NET, empowering you to efficiently manage and utilize the HTML data in Excel worksheet.

For more details, please visit HTML to Excel Conversion with C# .NET.

html to excel

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// More examples over
// Obtain your API credentials
string clientId = "4bdefca3-f08c-4088-9ca0-55c38f4b7f22";
string clientSecret1 = "a43c8b4365246a062688a259abe5b469";
// Create an instance of the Configuration class and initialize it with the Client ID & Client Secret.
var configurations = new GroupDocs.Conversion.Cloud.Sdk.Client.Configuration(clientId, clientSecret1);
// Define the value of ApiBaseUrl to set the base url for HTML to Excel conversion API.
configuration.ApiBaseUrl = "";
// Initialize an instance of the ConvertApi class with the object of the Configuration class.
var apiInstance = new GroupDocs.Conversion.Cloud.Sdk.Api.ConvertApi(configurations);
// load the input Excel workbook from local drive
using (var stream = System.IO.File.OpenRead("sourceFile.html"))
// create an instance of FileApi
var fileUpload = new FileApi(configurations);
// upload the input Excel workbook to cloud storage
fileUpload.UploadFile(new UploadFileRequest("sourceFile.html", stream));
// create ConvertSettings where we define the input HTML file and the name for resultant Excel worksheet
var settings = new ConvertSettings
StorageName = "internal",
FilePath = "sourceFile.html",
Format = "xls",
OutputPath = "output.xls"
// Invoke the ConvertDocument method for HTML to Excel conversion.
var response = apiInstance.ConvertDocument(new GroupDocs.Conversion.Cloud.Sdk.Model.Requests.ConvertDocumentRequest(settings));
if (response != null && response.Equals("OK"))
// print success message
Console.WriteLine("The Web page successfully saved as Excel workbook !");
How to convert HTML to Excel using .NET REST API
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