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Created January 18, 2017 12:12
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  • when should this compacter run?
    • every n actions added (compactEvery)
    • when history is at n length (highWaterMark, compactAtLength)
  • can the function signal when it should?
    • run the compacter every time
    • needs a private state (below) or
    • getCompacter({ n, highwater }) => compactingDispatcher()

we can compactingReducer, basically searches the last 50 actions for "stop" or "compact irrelevant" actions as we go.

  • will this update the scuttlebut update history as well? probs not unless we tie scuttlebutt history into orderedHistory
  • what about a filter function, which might run in reverse to do the same, but can be called generically
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