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grschafer/ Secret

Created Aug 2, 2013
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Python script for processing songs with aubio, then playing them back with pygame and controlling LEDs (with smithje/RGB_LED_Driver) in time with the music -- all on a Raspberry Pi
import pygame.mixer as mixer
from pygame.mixer import music
#from led_driver import set_channel_value
from ledlibs import RGB_Driver
from colorsys import hsv_to_rgb
import cPickle
import argparse
from collections import deque
import subprocess as sp
import time
TOL = 0.1 # 100 ms
aubiopitch_cmd = lambda x: ['aubiopitch', '-u', 'midi', '-i', '%s' % x]
aubioonset_cmd = lambda x: ['aubioonset', '-i', '%s' % x]
channels = [(15,1,2),(3,4,5),(6,7,8),(9,10,11),(12,13,14)]
led_drivers = []
def aubiopitch(song):
out = sp.check_output(aubiopitch_cmd(song))
pitches = deque([(float(y), float(z)) for y,z in [x.split('\t') for x in out.splitlines()]])
return pitches
def aubioonset(song):
out = sp.check_output(aubioonset_cmd(song))
onsets = deque([float(y) for y in out.splitlines()])
return onsets
def playsong(pitches, onsets):
start_time = time.time()
while len(pitches) > 0 or len(onsets) > 0:
#pos = music.get_pos() / 1000.
pos = time.time() - start_time
pitch = None
onset = False
# if we've fallen behind the song, throw out pitches/onsets we missed
while len(pitches) > 0 and pitches[0][0] < pos:
while len(onsets) > 0 and onsets[0] < pos:
# collect pitches/onsets happening within TOL (100ms) of now in the song
while len(pitches) > 0 and pitches[0][1] != -1.0 and abs(pitches[0][0] - pos) < TOL:
pitch = pitches.popleft()
while len(onsets) > 0 and abs(onsets[0] - pos) < TOL:
onset = True
# TODO: doesn't use an onset detected if a pitch wasn't also detected
if pitch:
# TODO: only using the first pitch detected at a certain time
rgb = pitch2rgb(pitch[1], onset)
#print pos, len(pitches), len(onsets), '-', pitches_popped, onsets_popped, '-', rgb
write_rgb((0., 0., 0.))
def write_rgb(rgb):
rgb = [int(x * 4095) for x in rgb]
for led in led_drivers:
led.set_rgb(rgb[0], rgb[1], rgb[2])
#used with pi-blaster
set_channel_value(0, rgb[0])
set_channel_value(1, rgb[1])
set_channel_value(2, rgb[2])
set_channel_value(4, rgb[1])
set_channel_value(6, rgb[0])
set_channel_value(7, rgb[2])
def pitch2rgb(pitch, onset=False):
rgb = hsv_to_rgb(*pitch2hsv(pitch, onset))
return rgb
def pitch2hsv(pitch, onset=False):
# map pitch [20,100] to hue [0.0,1.0]
hue = (pitch - 20.0) / 80
sat = 1.0
val = 1.0 if onset else 0.5
return hue, sat, val
def main():
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(description='Outputs RGB values during song playback.')
parser.add_argument('song', type=str, help='input song file')
parser.add_argument('-p', '--pitches', dest='fout_pitches',
type=argparse.FileType('w'), help='file to output aubiopitch results to')
parser.add_argument('-o', '--onsets', dest='fout_onsets',
type=argparse.FileType('w'), help='file to output aubioonset results to')
parser.add_argument('-P', '--in-pitches', dest='fin_pitches',
type=argparse.FileType('r'), help='file to read aubiopitch values from')
parser.add_argument('-O', '--in-onsets', dest='fin_onsets',
type=argparse.FileType('r'), help='file to read aubioonset values from')
parser.add_argument('-C', '--led-count', dest='led_count', type=int, default=1,
help='number of leds to output to (from 1 to 5)', choices=range(1,6))
args = parser.parse_args()
if args.fout_pitches:
pitches = aubiopitch(
cPickle.dump(pitches, args.fout_pitches)
if args.fout_onsets:
onsets = aubioonset(
cPickle.dump(onsets, args.fout_onsets)
if args.fout_pitches or args.fout_onsets:
pitches = cPickle.load(args.fin_pitches) if args.fin_pitches else []
onsets = cPickle.load(args.fin_onsets) if args.fin_onsets else []
global led_drivers
led_drivers = [RGB_Driver.RGB_Driver(None, channels[i][0], channels[i][1], channels[i][2]) for i in range(args.led_count)]
#mixer.pre_init(22050, -16, 2, 8192)
mixer.pre_init(44100, -16, 2, 16777216)
playsong(pitches, onsets)
if __name__ == '__main__':
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