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Rename Active BBEdit Document

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Rename Active Document.scpt
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tell application "BBEdit"
set old_name to name of text window 1
set dialog_result to display dialog "" default answer (old_name) ¬
buttons {"Cancel", "Rename"} default button 2 ¬
with icon note ¬
with title "Rename Active Document"
if button returned of dialog_result = "Rename" then
set new_name to text returned of dialog_result
set d to active document of text window 1
if (d's on disk) then
set the_file to d's file
tell application "Finder"
set name of file the_file to new_name
end tell
else -- it's a document that has never been saved
set name of d to new_name
end if
end if
end tell

Moved "Rename Active Document" to the title of the dialog box.

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