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JavaScript Bookmarklet Builder
#!/usr/bin/env perl
use strict;
use warnings;
use URI::Escape qw(uri_escape_utf8);
use open IO => ":utf8", # UTF8 by default
":std"; # Apply to STDIN/STDOUT/STDERR
my $source_code = do { local $/; <> };
# Zap the first line if there's already a bookmarklet comment:
$source_code =~ s{^// ?javascript:.+\n}{};
my $bookmarklet = $source_code;
for ($bookmarklet) {
s{(^\s*//.+\n)}{}gm; # Kill commented lines
s{^\s*/\*.+?\*/\n?}{}gms; # Kill block comments
s{\t}{ }gm; # Tabs to spaces
s{[ ]{2,}}{ }gm; # Space runs to one space
s{^\s+}{}gm; # Kill line-leading whitespace
s{\s+$}{}gm; # Kill line-ending whitespace
s{\n}{}gm; # Kill newlines
# Escape single- and double-quotes, spaces, control chars, unicode:
$bookmarklet = "javascript:" .
uri_escape_utf8($bookmarklet, qq(%'" \x00-\x1f\x7f-\xff));
print "// $bookmarklet\n" . $source_code;
# Put bookmarklet on clipboard:
my $fh;
open($fh, '|-', '/usr/bin/pbcopy')
or die "Failed to open pipe to /usr/bin/pbcopy - $!";
print $fh $bookmarklet
or die "Failed to write to pbcopy pipe - $!";
or die "Failed to close pipe to pbcopy - $!";
27 Jan 2014
- Switched from backticks to open() for the pipe to pbcopy. Thanks to John Siracusa.
- Added '%' to the list of characters to encode.

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jtsternberg commented Sep 5, 2015

Not familiar with Perl, but I'm curious how you would go about passing a destination path to this script.. so you could output the bookmarklet JS to another location.


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kostasx commented Jan 10, 2016

Really useful script. Thank you for sharing.
I've started working on a CoffeeScript/JavaScript version here for Node.JS.

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