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Name AD Attribute Description
Display Name displayName The name displayed when sending emails from the group, as well as, the GAL
Alias mailNickname Used by Exchange to find any local object with an e-mail address
Primary Email address proxyAddresses Primary email address of the group
Notes description Field to help people understand why the group exists
Hide this group from address lists msExchHideFromAddressLists Should the group be visible from the GAL
Owners managedBy The users who manage the group
Members member Who receives emails that are sent to the group
Group Membership Permissions msExchGroupJoinRestriction Permissions on who and how people can join the group
Group Leave Permissions msExchGroupDepartRestriction Permissions on who and how people can leave the group
External Sender Permissions msExchRequireAuthToSendTo Can people outside your organization send to the group?
Send To Permissions authOrig Users who can send emails to the group
Moderator Approval msExchEnableModeration Does a moderator need to approve emails sent to the group
Moderators msExchModeratedByLink Users who can approve emails sent to a group
Skip Approval msExchBypassModerationLink Users who don't need a moderator to send to the group
Sender Notification msExchModerationFlags How do you notify a sender when moderators review the message
Email Addresses proxyAddresses The email addresses for the group
Mail Tip msExchSenderHintTranslations Tip displayed when someone adds the group to an email in Outlook and OWA
Send As Users that can send as the group
Send On Behalf of publicDelegates Users that can send on behalf of the group
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