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#!/usr/bin/env python
# Electrum - lightweight Bitcoin client
# Copyright (C) 2011 thomasv@gitorious
# This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
# it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
# the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
# (at your option) any later version.
# This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
# but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
# GNU General Public License for more details.
# You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
# along with this program. If not, see <>.
# List of words from:
words = [
"like", "just", "love", "know", "never", "want", "time", "out", "there", "make", "look", "eye",
"down", "only", "think", "heart", "back", "then", "into", "about", "more", "away", "still", "them",
"take", "thing", "even", "through", "long", "always", "world", "too", "friend", "tell", "try", "hand",
"thought", "over", "here", "other", "need", "smile", "again", "much", "cry", "been", "night", "ever",
"little", "said", "end", "some", "those", "around", "mind", "people", "girl", "leave", "dream", "left",
"turn", "myself", "give", "nothing", "really", "off", "before", "something", "find", "walk", "wish", "good",
"once", "place", "ask", "stop", "keep", "watch", "seem", "everything", "wait", "got", "yet", "made",
"remember", "start", "alone", "run", "hope", "maybe", "believe", "body", "hate", "after", "close", "talk",
"stand", "own", "each", "hurt", "help", "home", "god", "soul", "new", "many", "two", "inside",
"should", "true", "first", "fear", "mean", "better", "play", "another", "gone", "change", "use", "wonder",
"someone", "hair", "cold", "open", "best", "any", "behind", "happen", "water", "dark", "laugh", "stay",
"forever", "name", "work", "show", "sky", "break", "came", "deep", "door", "put", "black", "together",
"upon", "happy", "such", "great", "white", "matter", "fill", "past", "please", "burn", "cause", "enough",
"touch", "moment", "soon", "voice", "scream", "anything", "stare", "sound", "red", "everyone", "hide", "kiss",
"truth", "death", "beautiful", "mine", "blood", "broken", "very", "pass", "next", "forget", "tree", "wrong",
"air", "mother", "understand", "lip", "hit", "wall", "memory", "sleep", "free", "high", "realize", "school",
"might", "skin", "sweet", "perfect", "blue", "kill", "breath", "dance", "against", "fly", "between", "grow",
"strong", "under", "listen", "bring", "sometimes", "speak", "pull", "person", "become", "family", "begin", "ground",
"real", "small", "father", "sure", "feet", "rest", "young", "finally", "land", "across", "today", "different",
"guy", "line", "fire", "reason", "reach", "second", "slowly", "write", "eat", "smell", "mouth", "step",
"learn", "three", "floor", "promise", "breathe", "darkness", "push", "earth", "guess", "save", "song", "above",
"along", "both", "color", "house", "almost", "sorry", "anymore", "brother", "okay", "dear", "game", "fade",
"already", "apart", "warm", "beauty", "heard", "notice", "question", "shine", "began", "piece", "whole", "shadow",
"secret", "street", "within", "finger", "point", "morning", "whisper", "child", "moon", "green", "story", "glass",
"kid", "silence", "since", "soft", "yourself", "empty", "shall", "angel", "answer", "baby", "bright", "dad",
"path", "worry", "hour", "drop", "follow", "power", "war", "half", "flow", "heaven", "act", "chance",
"fact", "least", "tired", "children", "near", "quite", "afraid", "rise", "sea", "taste", "window", "cover",
"nice", "trust", "lot", "sad", "cool", "force", "peace", "return", "blind", "easy", "ready", "roll",
"rose", "drive", "held", "music", "beneath", "hang", "mom", "paint", "emotion", "quiet", "clear", "cloud",
"few", "pretty", "bird", "outside", "paper", "picture", "front", "rock", "simple", "anyone", "meant", "reality",
"road", "sense", "waste", "bit", "leaf", "thank", "happiness", "meet", "men", "smoke", "truly", "decide",
"self", "age", "book", "form", "alive", "carry", "escape", "damn", "instead", "able", "ice", "minute",
"throw", "catch", "leg", "ring", "course", "goodbye", "lead", "poem", "sick", "corner", "desire", "known",
"problem", "remind", "shoulder", "suppose", "toward", "wave", "drink", "jump", "woman", "pretend", "sister", "week",
"human", "joy", "crack", "grey", "pray", "surprise", "dry", "knee", "less", "search", "bleed", "caught",
"clean", "embrace", "future", "king", "son", "sorrow", "chest", "hug", "remain", "sat", "worth", "blow",
"daddy", "final", "parent", "tight", "also", "create", "lonely", "safe", "cross", "dress", "evil", "silent",
"bone", "fate", "perhaps", "anger", "class", "scar", "snow", "tiny", "tonight", "continue", "control", "dog",
"edge", "mirror", "month", "suddenly", "comfort", "given", "loud", "quickly", "gaze", "plan", "rush", "stone",
"town", "battle", "ignore", "spirit", "stood", "stupid", "yours", "brown", "build", "dust", "hey", "kept",
"pay", "phone", "twist", "although", "ball", "beyond", "hidden", "nose", "taken", "fail", "float", "pure",
"somehow", "wash", "wrap", "angry", "cheek", "creature", "forgotten", "heat", "rip", "single", "space", "special",
"weak", "whatever", "yell", "anyway", "blame", "job", "choose", "country", "curse", "drift", "echo", "figure",
"grew", "laughter", "neck", "suffer", "worse", "yeah", "disappear", "foot", "forward", "knife", "mess", "somewhere",
"stomach", "storm", "beg", "idea", "lift", "offer", "breeze", "field", "five", "often", "simply", "stuck",
"win", "allow", "confuse", "enjoy", "except", "flower", "seek", "strength", "calm", "grin", "gun", "heavy",
"hill", "large", "ocean", "shoe", "sigh", "straight", "summer", "tongue", "accept", "crazy", "everyday", "exist",
"grass", "mistake", "sent", "shut", "surround", "table", "ache", "brain", "destroy", "heal", "nature", "shout",
"sign", "stain", "choice", "doubt", "glance", "glow", "mountain", "queen", "stranger", "throat", "tomorrow", "city",
"either", "fish", "flame", "rather", "shape", "spin", "spread", "ash", "distance", "finish", "image", "imagine",
"important", "nobody", "shatter", "warmth", "became", "feed", "flesh", "funny", "lust", "shirt", "trouble", "yellow",
"attention", "bare", "bite", "money", "protect", "amaze", "appear", "born", "choke", "completely", "daughter", "fresh",
"friendship", "gentle", "probably", "six", "deserve", "expect", "grab", "middle", "nightmare", "river", "thousand", "weight",
"worst", "wound", "barely", "bottle", "cream", "regret", "relationship", "stick", "test", "crush", "endless", "fault",
"itself", "rule", "spill", "art", "circle", "join", "kick", "mask", "master", "passion", "quick", "raise",
"smooth", "unless", "wander", "actually", "broke", "chair", "deal", "favorite", "gift", "note", "number", "sweat",
"box", "chill", "clothes", "lady", "mark", "park", "poor", "sadness", "tie", "animal", "belong", "brush",
"consume", "dawn", "forest", "innocent", "pen", "pride", "stream", "thick", "clay", "complete", "count", "draw",
"faith", "press", "silver", "struggle", "surface", "taught", "teach", "wet", "bless", "chase", "climb", "enter",
"letter", "melt", "metal", "movie", "stretch", "swing", "vision", "wife", "beside", "crash", "forgot", "guide",
"haunt", "joke", "knock", "plant", "pour", "prove", "reveal", "steal", "stuff", "trip", "wood", "wrist",
"bother", "bottom", "crawl", "crowd", "fix", "forgive", "frown", "grace", "loose", "lucky", "party", "release",
"surely", "survive", "teacher", "gently", "grip", "speed", "suicide", "travel", "treat", "vein", "written", "cage",
"chain", "conversation", "date", "enemy", "however", "interest", "million", "page", "pink", "proud", "sway", "themselves",
"winter", "church", "cruel", "cup", "demon", "experience", "freedom", "pair", "pop", "purpose", "respect", "shoot",
"softly", "state", "strange", "bar", "birth", "curl", "dirt", "excuse", "lord", "lovely", "monster", "order",
"pack", "pants", "pool", "scene", "seven", "shame", "slide", "ugly", "among", "blade", "blonde", "closet",
"creek", "deny", "drug", "eternity", "gain", "grade", "handle", "key", "linger", "pale", "prepare", "swallow",
"swim", "tremble", "wheel", "won", "cast", "cigarette", "claim", "college", "direction", "dirty", "gather", "ghost",
"hundred", "loss", "lung", "orange", "present", "swear", "swirl", "twice", "wild", "bitter", "blanket", "doctor",
"everywhere", "flash", "grown", "knowledge", "numb", "pressure", "radio", "repeat", "ruin", "spend", "unknown", "buy",
"clock", "devil", "early", "false", "fantasy", "pound", "precious", "refuse", "sheet", "teeth", "welcome", "add",
"ahead", "block", "bury", "caress", "content", "depth", "despite", "distant", "marry", "purple", "threw", "whenever",
"bomb", "dull", "easily", "grasp", "hospital", "innocence", "normal", "receive", "reply", "rhyme", "shade", "someday",
"sword", "toe", "visit", "asleep", "bought", "center", "consider", "flat", "hero", "history", "ink", "insane",
"muscle", "mystery", "pocket", "reflection", "shove", "silently", "smart", "soldier", "spot", "stress", "train", "type",
"view", "whether", "bus", "energy", "explain", "holy", "hunger", "inch", "magic", "mix", "noise", "nowhere",
"prayer", "presence", "shock", "snap", "spider", "study", "thunder", "trail", "admit", "agree", "bag", "bang",
"bound", "butterfly", "cute", "exactly", "explode", "familiar", "fold", "further", "pierce", "reflect", "scent", "selfish",
"sharp", "sink", "spring", "stumble", "universe", "weep", "women", "wonderful", "action", "ancient", "attempt", "avoid",
"birthday", "branch", "chocolate", "core", "depress", "drunk", "especially", "focus", "fruit", "honest", "match", "palm",
"perfectly", "pillow", "pity", "poison", "roar", "shift", "slightly", "thump", "truck", "tune", "twenty", "unable",
"wipe", "wrote", "coat", "constant", "dinner", "drove", "egg", "eternal", "flight", "flood", "frame", "freak",
"gasp", "glad", "hollow", "motion", "peer", "plastic", "root", "screen", "season", "sting", "strike", "team",
"unlike", "victim", "volume", "warn", "weird", "attack", "await", "awake", "built", "charm", "crave", "despair",
"fought", "grant", "grief", "horse", "limit", "message", "ripple", "sanity", "scatter", "serve", "split", "string",
"trick", "annoy", "blur", "boat", "brave", "clearly", "cling", "connect", "fist", "forth", "imagination", "iron",
"jock", "judge", "lesson", "milk", "misery", "nail", "naked", "ourselves", "poet", "possible", "princess", "sail",
"size", "snake", "society", "stroke", "torture", "toss", "trace", "wise", "bloom", "bullet", "cell", "check",
"cost", "darling", "during", "footstep", "fragile", "hallway", "hardly", "horizon", "invisible", "journey", "midnight", "mud",
"nod", "pause", "relax", "shiver", "sudden", "value", "youth", "abuse", "admire", "blink", "breast", "bruise",
"constantly", "couple", "creep", "curve", "difference", "dumb", "emptiness", "gotta", "honor", "plain", "planet", "recall",
"rub", "ship", "slam", "soar", "somebody", "tightly", "weather", "adore", "approach", "bond", "bread", "burst",
"candle", "coffee", "cousin", "crime", "desert", "flutter", "frozen", "grand", "heel", "hello", "language", "level",
"movement", "pleasure", "powerful", "random", "rhythm", "settle", "silly", "slap", "sort", "spoken", "steel", "threaten",
"tumble", "upset", "aside", "awkward", "bee", "blank", "board", "button", "card", "carefully", "complain", "crap",
"deeply", "discover", "drag", "dread", "effort", "entire", "fairy", "giant", "gotten", "greet", "illusion", "jeans",
"leap", "liquid", "march", "mend", "nervous", "nine", "replace", "rope", "spine", "stole", "terror", "accident",
"apple", "balance", "boom", "childhood", "collect", "demand", "depression", "eventually", "faint", "glare", "goal", "group",
"honey", "kitchen", "laid", "limb", "machine", "mere", "mold", "murder", "nerve", "painful", "poetry", "prince",
"rabbit", "shelter", "shore", "shower", "soothe", "stair", "steady", "sunlight", "tangle", "tease", "treasure", "uncle",
"begun", "bliss", "canvas", "cheer", "claw", "clutch", "commit", "crimson", "crystal", "delight", "doll", "existence",
"express", "fog", "football", "gay", "goose", "guard", "hatred", "illuminate", "mass", "math", "mourn", "rich",
"rough", "skip", "stir", "student", "style", "support", "thorn", "tough", "yard", "yearn", "yesterday", "advice",
"appreciate", "autumn", "bank", "beam", "bowl", "capture", "carve", "collapse", "confusion", "creation", "dove", "feather",
"girlfriend", "glory", "government", "harsh", "hop", "inner", "loser", "moonlight", "neighbor", "neither", "peach", "pig",
"praise", "screw", "shield", "shimmer", "sneak", "stab", "subject", "throughout", "thrown", "tower", "twirl", "wow",
"army", "arrive", "bathroom", "bump", "cease", "cookie", "couch", "courage", "dim", "guilt", "howl", "hum",
"husband", "insult", "led", "lunch", "mock", "mostly", "natural", "nearly", "needle", "nerd", "peaceful", "perfection",
"pile", "price", "remove", "roam", "sanctuary", "serious", "shiny", "shook", "sob", "stolen", "tap", "vain",
"void", "warrior", "wrinkle", "affection", "apologize", "blossom", "bounce", "bridge", "cheap", "crumble", "decision", "descend",
"desperately", "dig", "dot", "flip", "frighten", "heartbeat", "huge", "lazy", "lick", "odd", "opinion", "process",
"puzzle", "quietly", "retreat", "score", "sentence", "separate", "situation", "skill", "soak", "square", "stray", "taint",
"task", "tide", "underneath", "veil", "whistle", "anywhere", "bedroom", "bid", "bloody", "burden", "careful", "compare",
"concern", "curtain", "decay", "defeat", "describe", "double", "dreamer", "driver", "dwell", "evening", "flare", "flicker",
"grandma", "guitar", "harm", "horrible", "hungry", "indeed", "lace", "melody", "monkey", "nation", "object", "obviously",
"rainbow", "salt", "scratch", "shown", "shy", "stage", "stun", "third", "tickle", "useless", "weakness", "worship",
"worthless", "afternoon", "beard", "boyfriend", "bubble", "busy", "certain", "chin", "concrete", "desk", "diamond", "doom",
"drawn", "due", "felicity", "freeze", "frost", "garden", "glide", "harmony", "hopefully", "hunt", "jealous", "lightning",
"mama", "mercy", "peel", "physical", "position", "pulse", "punch", "quit", "rant", "respond", "salty", "sane",
"satisfy", "savior", "sheep", "slept", "social", "sport", "tuck", "utter", "valley", "wolf", "aim", "alas",
"alter", "arrow", "awaken", "beaten", "belief", "brand", "ceiling", "cheese", "clue", "confidence", "connection", "daily",
"disguise", "eager", "erase", "essence", "everytime", "expression", "fan", "flag", "flirt", "foul", "fur", "giggle",
"glorious", "ignorance", "law", "lifeless", "measure", "mighty", "muse", "north", "opposite", "paradise", "patience", "patient",
"pencil", "petal", "plate", "ponder", "possibly", "practice", "slice", "spell", "stock", "strife", "strip", "suffocate",
"suit", "tender", "tool", "trade", "velvet", "verse", "waist", "witch", "aunt", "bench", "bold", "cap",
"certainly", "click", "companion", "creator", "dart", "delicate", "determine", "dish", "dragon", "drama", "drum", "dude",
"everybody", "feast", "forehead", "former", "fright", "fully", "gas", "hook", "hurl", "invite", "juice", "manage",
"moral", "possess", "raw", "rebel", "royal", "scale", "scary", "several", "slight", "stubborn", "swell", "talent",
"tea", "terrible", "thread", "torment", "trickle", "usually", "vast", "violence", "weave", "acid", "agony", "ashamed",
"awe", "belly", "blend", "blush", "character", "cheat", "common", "company", "coward", "creak", "danger", "deadly",
"defense", "define", "depend", "desperate", "destination", "dew", "duck", "dusty", "embarrass", "engine", "example", "explore",
"foe", "freely", "frustrate", "generation", "glove", "guilty", "health", "hurry", "idiot", "impossible", "inhale", "jaw",
"kingdom", "mention", "mist", "moan", "mumble", "mutter", "observe", "ode", "pathetic", "pattern", "pie", "prefer",
"puff", "rape", "rare", "revenge", "rude", "scrape", "spiral", "squeeze", "strain", "sunset", "suspend", "sympathy",
"thigh", "throne", "total", "unseen", "weapon", "weary"
N = len(words)
# Note about US patent no 5892470:
# Here each word does not represent a given digit.
# Instead, the digit represented by a word is variable, it depends on the previous word.
def encode(message):
out = []
for i in range(len(message) / 8):
word = message[8 * i:8 * i + 8]
x = int(word, 16)
w1 = (x % N)
w2 = ((x / N) + w1) % N
w3 = ((x / N / N) + w2) % N
out += [ words[w1], words[w2], words[w3] ]
return out
def decode(wlist):
out = ''
for i in range(len(wlist) / 3):
word1, word2, word3 = wlist[3 * i:3 * i + 3]
w1 = words.index(word1)
w2 = (words.index(word2)) % N
w3 = (words.index(word3)) % N
x = w1 + N * ((w2 - w1) % N) + N * N * ((w3 - w2) % N)
out += '%08x' % x
return out
if __name__ == '__main__':
import sys
if len(sys.argv) == 1:
print 'I need arguments: a hex string to encode, or a list of words to decode'
elif len(sys.argv) == 2:
print ' '.join(encode(sys.argv[1]))
print decode(sys.argv[1:])

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@prayank23 prayank23 commented Sep 26, 2020

It doesn't return the last 4 characters when trying to decode the words.

Values used in this example:

Tx hex:



answer frost position wrote message message actually calm energy iron dust valley music rock core blink regret frighten wife moonlight weave shove pride add mystery veil press gentle collapse aunt like like like skin tool patient dirt muscle holy like like like apple also also goodbye bone raise women along rainbow approach caught drag radio concern rose hate great yell worse forever stuck like like like alive bid tool shy flood truly house knock fade blow paint forest street stain mock never murder plant void history sentence rant often loose often utter book explain born point throughout hero gone worship closet canvas please sanctuary too although upon truly shimmer wow rather laugh simply twenty creation take garden innocent bench kiss companion reveal nine shall stolen angel dark candle dew anymore disguise darling happiness bound treat morning group weave stand grown ourselves rhyme bowl consider grace worse other torment like half law shower fruit reality dread third barely enough nail match rare manage tower honor ready


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