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auditorium 9am

brilliant intro by emlyn & ruby then keynote, automated fact checking

lg6 10am

static type analysis

pip install mypy

lg7 11am

random forests

auditorium 1.30pm

machine learning for artists gene kogan,

auditorium 2.30pm

data and diversity in the music industry meh


auditorium 10am andryichenko, jupyter

auditorium 12am zeigerman, tensorflow conv nets

dining 2.30pm radcliffe, tdda

# references
python -m tdda.referencetest.examples

# constraints
python -m tdda.constraints.examples
tdda verify testdata/elements118.csv elements118.tdda

# then some blah about an automatic regex generator called rexpy

dining 4pm analysis with react blah

source live coded in (dropbox)

to check

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