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Name: Luke Martin
Subject: ACR122U | NFC Contactless Smart Card Reader
What's on your mind?: Hi,
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We have developed a standalone kiosk for a retail client, including an app that we have developed which provides services to the retailers customers (such as checking their account). The app is iOS; and the kiosk is running an iPad managed via an MDM platform.
The client's customers use rewards cards which we currently "read" the barcode of, by using the iPads front facing camera. This enables the customer to quickly identify themselves.
The client has now enabled their loyalty card on apple wallet and in google pay. We would like to retrofit the kiosks with an nfc reader to enable us to "read" the card from the digital wallet.
We would prefer a hardwired solution potentially using the lightning connector and your SDK to do this. We are concerned that bluetooth wont be reliable and these kiosks are completely remote managed with no onsite technical support possible, to reboot devices etc.
Would you have a solution that would work in this context?
We have over 400 units in the field, with plans to get to about 1.5k
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