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iAladdin / wwdc-2014-extractor
Last active April 26, 2019 01:27
WWDC 2014 Sessions Video URL Extractor
//please execute this script on
//inspect this page and run it on console
jQuery(".download a:contains('HD')").each(function(n){ console.log(jQuery(this).attr("href"))})
jQuery(".download a:contains('SD')").each(function(n){ console.log(jQuery(this).attr("href"))})
jQuery(".download a:contains('PDF')").each(function(n){ console.log(jQuery(this).attr("href"))})
lexrus / HD.txt
Last active July 20, 2023 08:11
All WWDC 2013 Session Videos URLs in dumped with Chrome. You can download these videos **without** a Apple developer account by running the script. There is also a sample code downloader here:
dispatch_block_t RecursiveBlock(void (^block)(dispatch_block_t recurse))
// assuming ARC, so no explicit copy
return ^{ block(RecursiveBlock(block)); };
typedef void (^OneParameterBlock)(id parameter);
OneParameterBlock RecursiveBlock1(void (^block)(OneParameterBlock recurse, id parameter))