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Last active Dec 19, 2021
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All WWDC 2013 Session Videos URLs in dumped with Chrome. You can download these videos **without** a Apple developer account by running the script. There is also a sample code downloader here:
mkdir -p $DOWNLOAD_DIR
if ! axel_loc="$(type -p axel)" || [ -z $axel_loc ]; then
while read line; do curl -JO "$line"; done < ../PDF.txt
while read line; do curl -JO "$line"; done < ../SD.txt
#while read line; do curl -JO "$line"; done < ../HD.txt
while read line; do axel -n 2 -a -o $DOWNLOAD_DIR "$line"; done < PDF.txt
while read line; do axel -n 5 -a -o $DOWNLOAD_DIR "$line"; done < SD.txt
#while read line; do axel -n 5 -a -o $DOWNLOAD_DIR "$line"; done < HD.txt
var l=[];jQuery('.session>ul').each(function(i,e){o=jQuery(e).find('li');l[l.length]=o[2].innerText+':'+o[0].innerText});copy(l.join('\n'));alert(l.length+' titles copied!');
710:A Practical Guide to the App Sandbox
202:Accessibility in iOS
200:Accessibility in OS X
413:Advanced Debugging with LLDB
612:Advanced Editing with AV Foundation
221:Advanced Techniques with UIKit Dynamics
220:Advanced Text Layouts and Effects with Text Kit
711:Advances in AirPrint
404:Advances in Objective-C
505:Advances in OpenGL ES
213:Best Practices for Cocoa Animation
225:Best Practices for Great iOS UI Design
216:Bringing Your iOS Apps to OS X
611:Building Advanced iBooks HTML 5 Widgets and iAd Rich Media Ads
704:Building Efficient OS X Apps
201:Building User Interfaces for iOS 7
412:Continuous Integration with Xcode 5
703:Core Bluetooth
211:Core Data Performance Optimization and Debugging
509:Core Image Effects and Techniques
218:Custom Transitions Using View Controllers
214:Customizing Your App’s Appearance for iOS 7
407:Debugging with Xcode
700:Designing Accessories for iOS and OS X
224:Designing Code for Performance
503:Designing Games with Sprite Kit
702:Efficient Design with XPC
712:Energy Best Practices
217:Exploring Scroll Views on iOS 7
301:Extending Your Apps for Enterprise and Education Use
410:Fixing Memory Issues
403:From Zero to App Store in Xcode 5
206:Getting Started with UIKit Dynamics
603:Getting the Most Out of Web Inspector
601:Getting to Know Web Inspector
310:Harnessing iOS to Create Magic in Your Apps
228:Hidden Gems in Cocoa and Cocoa Touch
613:iAd Integration and Best Practices
226:Implementing Engaging UI on iOS
614:Implementing OS X Push Notifications for Websites
209:Improving Power Efficiency with App Nap
615:Integrating JavaScript into Native Apps
303:Integrating Passbook into your Ecosystem
501:Integrating with Game Controllers
405:Interface Builder Core Concepts
416:Introducing AppleScript Libraries
604:Introducing iAd Workbench, The Best Way to Market Your App
210:Introducing Text Kit
609:Introduction to iBooks Author Widget and iAd Rich Media Ad Development with iAd Producer 4
502:Introduction to Sprite Kit
219:Making Your App World-Ready
300:Managing Apple Devices
415:Maximizing Apple Development Resources
701:Maximizing Battery Life on OS X
606:Moving to AV Kit and AV Foundation
708:Nearby Networking with Multipeer Connectivity
408:Optimize Your Code Using LLVM
215:Optimizing Drawing and Scrolling on OS X
417:OS X Automation Update
109:Painting the Future
101:Platforms State of the Union
607:Power and Performance: Optimizing Your Website for Great Battery Life and Responsive Scrolling
608:Preparing and Presenting Media for Accessibility
709:Protecting Secrets with the Keychain
714:Protecting your Users’ Privacy
309:Putting Map Kit in Perspective
227:Solutions to Common Date and Time Challenges
406:Taking Control of Auto Layout in Xcode 5
409:Testing in Xcode 5
713:The Accelerate Framework
506:Turn-Based Gaming with Game Center
414:Understanding Source Control in Xcode
223:Using Fonts with Text Kit
308:Using Receipts to Protect Your Digital Sales
305:Using Store Kit for In-App Purchases
610:What’s New in Camera Capture
203:What’s New in Cocoa Touch
205:What’s New in Cocoa
602:What’s New in Core Audio for iOS
207:What’s New in Core Data and iCloud
307:What’s New in Core Location
705:What’s New in Foundation Networking
504:What’s New in Game Center
605:What’s New in iBooks Author
208:What’s New in iOS User Interface Design
306:What’s New in iTunes Connect
707:What’s New in Kext Development
304:What’s New in Map Kit
507:What’s New in OpenGL for OS X
302:What’s New in Passbook
600:What’s New in Safari and WebKit for Web Developers
500:What’s New in Scene Kit
222:What’s New in State Restoration
402:What’s New in the LLVM Compiler
400:What’s New in Xcode 5
204:What’s New with Multitasking
508:Working with OpenCL
401:Xcode Core Concepts
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lldong commented Jun 17, 2013

The curl -J option is not available on older version of curl (the one came with OS X).

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puttin commented Sep 20, 2013 a script which helps rename videos and pdfs

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@SoundBlaster Works, thanks!

Interesting, their first-party links are broken on their site.

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LostAccount commented Feb 15, 2021

The URL should look like

The -cdn must be in there

You should also remove ?dl=1 from the tail end of each URL or rename all your files after they are downloaded so that ?dl=1 is not in the file name.

You can then save the URLs list in a AppleURLs.txt file

You can then cd to your destination directory and do a …

wget -i AppleURLs.txt -m -np -c -e robots=off --wait 0.25 --no-check-certificate -R -U "Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; Konqueror/3.2; Linux)"

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Does anybody know how we could bulk-save these to Internet Archive?

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