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  • Line 1: replace with the handle of the delivery or pick up product
{% assign delivery_product = all_products['delivery'] %}
<div class="cart-booking-form">
<label for="booking">Please enter the date for your order:</label>
<input id="booking" type="text" name="attributes[Date]"
value="{{ cart.attributes["Date"] }}"
data-bta-product-config="{{ delivery_product.metafields.bookthatapp.config }}"
class="datepicker bta bta-dp-start required bta-load-enable" size="12" autocomplete="off"
data-handle="{{ delivery_product.handle }}" data-variant="{{ }}"
readonly="readonly" disabled="disabled" data-mindate="0" />
<label for="bookingTime">Please enter the time for your order:</label>
<select id="bookingTime" name="attributes[Time]"
class="bta-opening-hours bta-load-enable" disabled="disabled"
data-prompt="Select time..." data-bta-display-range="true"
<option class="loading">Loading...</option>
<span class="bta-no-slots-available" style="display: none;">No times available</span>
<div class="bta-validation-messages" style="display:none">
<p class="bta-validation-date-missing">Please select a date</p>
<input id="delivery_id" type="hidden" name="attributes['Booking Variant']" value="{{ }}" />
var bta = {
product_id: {{ }}
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