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gtoast / ch1ex1.hy
Created May 13, 2020
A Lisp Programmer Living in Python-Land
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(import [bs4 [BeautifulSoup]])
(setv raw-data
"<html><body><a href=\"\">Mark</a></body></html>")
(setv soup (BeautifulSoup raw-data "lxml"))
(setv a (.find-all soup "a"))
(print "a tags:" a)
gtoast /
Last active Jul 9, 2020
Installer Script for a new Mac
# Installs Homebrew software.
# XCode Command Line Tools
xcode-select --install
# Homebrew
gtoast / gist:7664301
Created Nov 26, 2013
Testing out the gist.
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PShape shapeOut;
Ellipse[] shapesOut;
int numShapesOut = 10;
float scaleSpeed = 10;
float createSpeed = .05;
float fact = 1.0;
float centerX;
float centerY;