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Getting the RobinHood Web Bearer Token
// a reference for getting the robinhood API bearer token
// returns a jquery promise. really is this broken...
// in CONSOLE need jquery too..
var __ss = document.createElement("script");__ss.onload=load_example;__ss.src="";document.body.appendChild(__ss);
If you want to hack on RobinHood in the browser, you'll need auth.
function get_robinhood_bearer_token() {
let prom = $.Deferred();
let _idb ="localforage", 2);
_idb.onsuccess = function(e) {
let db = _idb.result;
let trans = db.transaction("keyvaluepairs").objectStore("keyvaluepairs");
let query = trans.get("reduxPersist:auth");
query.onsuccess = function(e) {
// yes, really have to decode it twice.. can't be correct.
let _data = JSON.parse(query.result)
let is_string = typeof _data === "string";
if(is_string) {
_data = JSON.parse(_data);
prom.resolve(_data[1][1], _data);
return prom.promise();
// example!
function load_example() {
var promised = get_robinhood_bearer_token();
promised.then(function(token, db_json) {
console.log("GOT THE TOKEN", token);
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