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setup daemontools on ubuntu
## you'll have to do a couple extra steps to get this running
## there are probably other ways to handle svncanboot, but this is from the linux forum
set -e
touch /etc/_testr_file
rm -f /etc/_testr_file
echo "error, you have to be able to write to /etc"
exit 1
apt-get -y install daemontools
# for some reason, /etc/service isn't created, need to do that.
mkdir -p /etc/service
# need to make a conf file for booting
cd /etc/init/
touch svscan.conf
# treat like the cron process
echo "start on runlevel [2345]" > svscan.conf
echo "" >> svscan.conf
echo "expect fork" >> svscan.conf
echo "respawn" >> svscan.conf
echo "exec svscanboot" >> svscan.conf
service svscan start
echo "complete"
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