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@gtzilla gtzilla/helpers.js
Last active May 2, 2016

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JavaScript closure state manager for a single argument, with support for default state initialization value. A JavaScript private variables method.
;(function(window) {
'use strict';
filename: helpers.js
author: gregory tomlinson
license: MIT
Be a "utility" helper method
file that is namespaced to 'helpers'
Be a "state" handler function
This closured state handler with built in get/set logic
can suffice in several scenarios
this avoids the obtuse 'get/set' syntax in favor
of a more business-rule friendly, declarative,
INIT: var myFncVar = helpers.closure_state({data:false}); // set default on init
SET: myFncVar({data:true});
GET: myFncVar();
Other examples:
function Point(cx, cy) {
this.x = helpers.closure_state(cx);
this.y = helpers.closure_state(cy);
return this;
var pt = new Point(10, 20);
// 10
// 20
var myarray = helpers.closure_state([]);
// ["something"]
@params {Array|Object|String|Numnber|ANY} state - a variable of any type.
sets default 'state'
function closure_state(state) {
var STATE = state !== undefined ? state : null;
return function() {
if(arguments.length) {
STATE = arguments[0];
return STATE;
var helpers = window.helpers = {
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