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Created April 22, 2017 00:14
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Clahe script for openFrameworks (need ofxCv.h)
// clahe.h
// CLAHE_test
// Created by Guillaume on 22.04.17.
#ifndef clahe_h
#define clahe_h
class Clahe {
cv::Mat greyImg, labImg, claheImg, tmpImg;
template <class S, class D>
void filter(S& src, D& dst, int clipLimit, bool isColor) {
cv::Ptr<cv::CLAHE> clahe = cv::createCLAHE();
if (!isColor) {
ofxCv::copyGray(src, greyImg);
// apply the CLAHE algorithm
// convert to ofImage
ofxCv::toOf(claheImg, dst);
} else {
cv::cvtColor(ofxCv::toCv(src), labImg, CV_BGR2Lab);
// Extract the L channel
vector<cv::Mat> lab_planes(3);
cv::split(labImg, lab_planes); // now we have the L image in lab_planes[0]
// apply the CLAHE algorithm to the L channel
clahe->apply(lab_planes[0], tmpImg);
// Merge the the color planes back into an Lab img
cv::merge(lab_planes, labImg);
// convert back to RGB
cv::cvtColor(labImg, claheImg, CV_Lab2BGR);
// convert to ofImage
ofxCv::toOf(claheImg, dst);
#endif /* clahe_h */
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