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Why Rails scaffold doesn't work

The need to write a replacment of the Rails scaffold was because the build in one in Ruby on Rails

  • Does not support namespaces on the controllers and the models it generates funny paths in the views and/or controllers
  • The native way to extend the Rails scaffold was changed frequently I have to spent hours tracing github issues
  • It uses the ugly scaffold.css and it generates it all the time breaking my styles
  • Does some freaky copy/paste optimizations in the controller to get the model. Scaffold should be a starting point from where with few deletes or adding few lines of codes to make a usable screen.

The new aproach

With scaffold_pico you can create your own pretty administration in a second.

  • No learning curve - if you know Rails you know it.
  • No 3rd party gems slowing your development/production startup times.
  • Clean code
  • Supports namespaces in the models and the controllers

There is also some sugar. With the pico_scaffold you can generate from the begining fabricators and take care of N+1 by specifying joins/includes clauses. There is separation of the fields for index and editing. There is a search - almost every screen nowdays has search.

Supports Zurb Foundation, Materializecss CSS frameworks

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