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# adds a user to be used by the connector
class res_company(orm.Model):
_inherit = ''
_columns = {
'connector_user_id': fields.many2one('res.users',
string='Connector User'),
def copy_data(self, cr, uid, id, default=None, context=None):
if default is None:
default = {}
'connector_user_id': False,
return super(res_company, self).copy_data(
cr, uid, id, default=default, context=context)
# split the run() method to have a _import() method, we'll be able to extend it with super
class FooBarImportSynchronizer(ImportSynchronizer):
""" Base importer for FooBar """
def must_skip(self):
def _before_import(self):
def _is_uptodate(self, binding_id):
def _import_dependencies(self):
def _map_data(self):
def _validate_data(self, data):
def _get_binding_id(self):
def _create_data(self, map_record, **kwargs):
def _create(self, data):
def _update_data(self, map_record, **kwargs):
def _update(self, binding_id, data):
def _after_import(self, binding_id):
def run(self, foo_id, force=False, record=None):
self.foo_id = foo_id
if record is not None:
self.foo_record = record
self.foo_record = self._get_foo_data()
except IDMissingInBackend:
return _('Record does no longer exist in Foo')
binding_id = self._get_binding_id()
reason = self.must_skip()
if reason:
return reason
if not force and self._is_uptodate(binding_id):
return _('Already up-to-date.')
# import the missing linked resources
def _import(self, binding_id):
""" Import the external record.
Can be inherited to modify for instance the session
(change current user, values in context, ...)
map_record = self._map_data()
if binding_id:
record = self._update_data(map_record)
self._update(binding_id, record)
record = self._create_data(map_record)
binding_id = self._create(record)
self.binder.bind(self.foo_id, binding_id)
# implementation of an import: get the store of the sale and import it using the configured user.
class SaleOrderImport(FooBarImportSynchronizer):
_model_name = ''
def _import(self, binding_id):
fshop_binder = self.get_binder_for_model('')
fshop_id = fshop_binder.to_openerp(self.foo_record['shop_id'])
fshop = self.session.browse('', fshop_id)
user = fshop.company_id.connector_user_id
if user:
with self.session.change_user(
super(SaleOrderImport, self)._import(binding_id)
super(SaleOrderImport, self)._import(binding_id)
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