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Last active May 22, 2023 08:22
Cardano Pool Ranking in Daedalus

Cardano Pool Ranking in Daedalus

DISCLAIMER: The following example is based on the Chapter 4.3 and 5.6 in latest design spec and the Ranking Specification. But it seems that the ranking mechanism specified in the Design Specification, and explained below, is not fully implemented and/or enabled or I missed some of the details of the spec (more realistic assumption). Also, I have not checked what is the difference between the design doc and the current implementation of the haskell code to check if there is any difference, or I misinterpreted some of the both sources (design doc, haskell code). Anyway, I will check the code when I have some spare time.

UPDATED 09/23/2020

Layman explanation

The pool ranking in wallet is based on the stake the user intend to delegate and the expected `