View embed-gist-in-blogger.js
At the end of your Blogger post , using HTML editor, append this
<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>
In the content of your blog post, simply add this:
<div class="gistLoad" data-id="8488564" id="gist-8488564">Loading</div>
Note: adding the URL is useful because when the javascript does not work, readers can copy and paste the URL themselves.
from peewee import *
from models.base import BaseModel
class Course(BaseModel):
name = TextField()
credits = IntegerField()
View gist:3e7e4b608b83771165ded4e7743efa8b
git branch -m old_branch new_branch # Rename branch locally
git push origin :old_branch # Delete the old branch
git push --set-upstream origin new_branch # Push the new branch, set local branch to track the new remote
View toolbar.cson
type: 'button'
tooltip: 'Open File'
callback: 'application:open-file'
icon: 'document'
iconset: 'ion'
type: 'button'
# Your init script
# Atom will evaluate this file each time a new window is opened. It is run
# after packages are loaded/activated and after the previous editor state
# has been restored.
# An example hack to log to the console when each text editor is saved.
# atom.workspace.observeTextEditors (editor) ->
# editor.onDidSave ->
View gulpfile.js
const gulp = require('gulp');
const browserify = require('browserify');
const babelify = require('babelify');
const concat = require('gulp-concat');
const concatcss = require('gulp-concat-css');
const browserSync = require('browser-sync');
const babel = require('gulp-babel');
const postcss = require('gulp-postcss');
const cssnext = require('postcss-cssnext');
const postcssImport = require('postcss-import');
View .eslintrc
"parser": "babel-eslint",
"extends": "airbnb",
"env": {
"node": true,
"es6": true,
"browser": true
"parserOptions": {
"ecmaVersion": 6,
View old-sotopbar-redefined.css
.topbar {
background: #555;
border-top: 3px solid #F48024;
padding: 8px 0;
.topbar .network-items .topbar-icon:not(:first-child) {
background-color: #EEE;
border-radius: 100%;
View so-header-dark.css
.so-header {
position: absolute;
background: #555;
/* Hover en el logo */
.so-header .-logo:hover {
background-color: #eee;
View webpack.config.babel.js
import webpack from 'webpack';
import path from 'path';
import ExtractTextPlugin from 'extract-text-webpack-plugin';
import postcssImport from 'postcss-import';
import pxtorem from 'postcss-pxtorem';
import cssnext from 'postcss-cssnext';
import postcssNesting from 'postcss-nesting';
import postcssVariables from 'postcss-variables';
import postcssColorFn from 'postcss-color-function';
import cssnano from 'cssnano';