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Guillaume Attard guiattard

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# Import precipitation.
pr = (
.filterDate(i_date, f_date)
# Import potential evaporation PET and its quality indicator ET_QC.
pet = (
# We build our kriging model:
ok = OrdinaryKriging(V, min_points=2, max_points=10, mode='exact')
# We calculate the hydraulic head on our regular grid,
# and we make the result in a good shape
hh_hat = ok.transform(xx.flatten(), yy.flatten()).reshape(xx.shape)
# We calculate the kriging error on our grid:
s2 = ok.sigma.reshape(xx.shape)
!apt install gdal-bin python-gdal python3-gdal
!pip install fiona shapely pyproj
!apt install python3-rtree
!pip install git+git://
!pip install descartes
!pip install git+
import pandas as pd
import geopandas as gpd
import zipfile
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