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Build yourself a dialer with Clojure and Asterisk
(:require [clj-asterisk.manager :as manager]
[ :as events]
[dispatchers.model :as model])
(:import java.util.UUID))
;; Signal the end of the call to the waiting promise in order to
;; release the channel
(defmethod events/handle-event "Hangup"
[event context]
(println event)
(manager/with-connection context
(let [unique-id (:Uniqueid event)
call-id (manager/get-user-data unique-id)
prom (manager/get-user-data call-id)]
(println (format "Hanging up call %s with unique id %s" call-id unique-id))
(deliver prom event)
(manager/remove-user-data! call-id) ;;FIX: this should be done
;;on the waiting side or promise may get lost
(manager/remove-user-data! unique-id))))
;; When CALLID is set, relate it to the call unique-id
;; to be used later in hangup detection
;; The context has the following info inside:
;; callid => promise
;; Uniqueid => callid
;; so it's possible to deliver a response to someone waiting
;; on the callid promise
(defmethod events/handle-event "VarSet"
[event context]
(when (= (:Variable event) "CALLID")
(manager/with-connection context
(println (format "Setting data %s match %s" (:Uniqueid event) (:Value event)))
(manager/set-user-data! (:Uniqueid event) (:Value event)))))
(defmethod events/handle-event :default
[event context]
(println (format "Unhandled Event => %s" event)))
(defn call
"Call a contact and wait till the call ends.
Function returns the hangup event or nil if timedout"
[context notification contact]
(manager/with-connection context
(let [trunk (model/get-trunk notification)
call-id (.toString (java.util.UUID/randomUUID))
prom (manager/set-user-data! call-id (promise))
response (manager/action :Originate
{:Channel (format "%s/%s/%s"
(:technology trunk)
(:number trunk)
(:address contact))
:Context (:context trunk)
:Exten (:extension trunk)
:Priority (:priority trunk)
:Timeout 60000
:CallerID (:callerid trunk)
:Variables [(format "MESSAGE=%s" (:message notification))
(format "CALLID=%s" call-id)]})]
(model/save-result notification
(if (manager/success? response)
(deref prom 200000 {:error ::timeout}) ;;TODO
;;where to i get timeout from? it depends on the
;;call/prompt length
(deref prom 60000 {:error ::timeout}))))))
(defn dispatch-calls
"Returns the list of futures of each call thread (one p/contact)"
[context notification contacts]
(map #(future (call context notification %)) contacts))
(defn get-available-ports
"Returns the notification number of available ports to dial on"
(let [out-trunk (model/get-trunk notification)]
(:capacity out-trunk)))
(defn process
"Loops until all contacts for a notification are reached or finally
[notification context]
(model/update-status! notification "RUNNING")
(let [total-ports (get-available-ports notification)
contact-list (-> (model/retrieve-rcpt notification)
(model/expand-rcpt notification))]
(loop [remaining contact-list pending-contacts []]
(model/cancelling? notification)
(model/update-status! notification "STOPPING")
(let [joined-recipients (map (fn [p] @p) pending-contacts)]
(model/update-status! notification "STOPPED")))
(or (seq remaining)
(seq pending-contacts))
(let [pending (filter (comp not realized?) pending-contacts)
finished (filter realized? pending-contacts)
failed (filter
(fn [r] (not (contains? #{"CONNECTED" "CANCELLED"} (:status @r))))
free-ports (- total-ports (count pending))
contacts (take free-ports remaining)
dialing (dispatch-calls context notification contacts)]
(println (format "Pending %s Finished %s Failed %s Free Ports %s Dispatched %s"
(count pending) (count finished) (count failed) free-ports
(count dialing)))
(Thread/sleep 100)
(recur (concat (drop free-ports remaining) (map :contact failed))
(concat pending dialing))))))
(model/update-status! notification "FINISHED")))
(defn dispatch
"Motification dispatch function entry point, receives
the notification to process"
(manager/with-config {:name ""}
(if-let [context (manager/login "guille" "1234" :with-events)]
(manager/with-connection context
(process notification context))
(println "Unable to login"))))
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