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; Adapted from:
(ns clojure.core.typed.test.rps-async
(:require [clojure.core.typed :as t]
[clojure.core.async :as a]
[clojure.core.typed.async :as ta]))
;; Types
(t/defalias Move
"A legal move in rock-paper-scissors"
(t/U ':rock ':paper ':scissors))
(t/defalias PlayerName
"A player's name in rock-paper-scissors"
(t/defalias PlayerMove
"A move in rock-paper-scissors. A Tuple of player name and move"
'[PlayerName Move])
(t/defalias RPSResult
"The result of a rock-paper-scissors match.
A 3 place vector of the two player moves, and the winner"
'[PlayerMove PlayerMove PlayerName])
;; Implementation
(t/ann MOVES (t/Vec Move))
(def MOVES [:rock :paper :scissors])
(t/ann BEATS (t/Map Move Move))
(def BEATS {:rock :scissors, :paper :rock, :scissors :paper})
(t/ann rand-player [PlayerName -> (ta/Chan PlayerMove)])
(defn rand-player
"Create a named player and return a channel to report moves."
(let [out (ta/chan :- PlayerMove)]
(ta/go (while true (a/>! out [name (rand-nth MOVES)])))
(t/ann winner [PlayerMove PlayerMove -> PlayerName])
(defn winner
"Based on two moves, return the name of the winner."
[[name1 move1] [name2 move2]]
(= move1 move2) "no one"
(= move2 (BEATS move1)) name1
:else name2))
(t/ann judge [(ta/Chan PlayerMove) (ta/Chan PlayerMove) -> (ta/Chan RPSResult)])
(defn judge
"Given two channels on which players report moves, create and return an
output channel to report the results of each match as [move1 move2 winner]."
[p1 p2]
(let [out (ta/chan :- RPSResult)]
(while true
(let [m1 (a/<! p1)
m2 (a/<! p2)]
(assert m1)
(assert m2)
(a/>! out (t/ann-form [m1 m2 (winner m1 m2)]
(t/ann init (t/IFn [PlayerName PlayerName -> (ta/Chan RPSResult)]
[-> (ta/Chan RPSResult)]))
(defn init
"Create 2 players (by default Alice and Bob) and return an output channel of match results."
([] (init "Alice" "Bob"))
([n1 n2] (judge (rand-player n1) (rand-player n2))))
(t/ann report [PlayerMove PlayerMove PlayerName -> nil])
(defn report
"Report results of a match to the console."
[[name1 move1] [name2 move2] winner]
(println name1 "throws" move1)
(println name2 "throws" move2)
(println winner "wins!"))
(t/ann play [(ta/Chan RPSResult) -> nil])
(defn play
"Play by taking a match reporting channel and reporting the results of the latest match."
(let [[move1 move2 winner] (a/<!! out-chan)]
(assert move1)
(assert move2)
(assert winner)
(report move1 move2 winner)))
(t/ann play-many [(ta/Chan RPSResult) t/Int -> (t/Map t/Any t/Any)])
(defn play-many
"Play n matches from out-chan and report a summary of the results."
[out-chan n]
(t/loop [remaining :- t/Int, n
results :- (t/Map PlayerName t/Int), {}]
(if (zero? remaining)
(let [[m1 m2 winner] (a/<!! out-chan)]
(assert m1)
(assert m2)
(assert winner)
(recur (dec remaining)
(merge-with + results {winner 1}))))))
(fn []
(t/ann-form (a/<!! (init))
(t/U nil RPSResult)))
# Types
@typealias Move :: :rock | :paper | :scissors
@typealias PlayerName :: String
@typealias PlayerMove :: {PlayerName, Move}
@typealias RPSResult :: {PlayerMove, PlayerMove, PlayerName}
# Implementation
@ann moves :: () -> [Move]
@ann beats :: () -> %{Move => Move}
@ann rand_player :: PlayerName -> PlayerMove
@ann winner :: PlayerMove, PlayerMove -> PlayerName
@ann judge :: PlayerMove, PlayerMove -> RPSResult
@ann init :: PlayerName, PlayerName -> RPSResult
@ann init :: () -> RPSResult
@ann report :: PlayerMove, PlayerMove, PlayerName -> nil
@ann play :: RPSResult -> nil
@ann play_many :: RPSResult, Int -> %{Any => Any}
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