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def camelize(""),
do: ""
def camelize(<<?_, t :: binary>>),
do: camelize(t)
def camelize(<<h, t :: binary>>),
do: <<to_upper_char(h)>> <> do_camelize(t)
defp do_camelize(<<?_, ?_, t :: binary>>),
do: do_camelize(<< ?_, t :: binary >>)
defp do_camelize(<<?_, h, t :: binary>>) when h in ?a..?z,
do: <<to_upper_char(h)>> <> do_camelize(t)
defp do_camelize(<<?_>>),
do: <<>>
defp do_camelize(<<?/, t :: binary>>),
do: <<?.>> <> camelize(t)
defp do_camelize(<<h, t :: binary>>),
do: <<h>> <> do_camelize(t)
defp do_camelize(<<>>),
do: <<>>
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