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Percentiles of rolling windows in time series with Cython
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kikocorreoso commented Mar 3, 2017

import numpy as np
from numpy.lib.stride_tricks import as_strided
import pandas as pd

arr = np.random.random(100000)
s = pd.Series(arr)

# ad-hoc rolling window
def rolling_window(a, window):
    shape = a.shape[:-1] + (a.shape[-1] - window + 1, window)
    strides = a.strides + (a.strides[-1],)
    return as_strided(a, shape=shape, strides=strides)

# Result with pure numpy
res_np = np.percentile(
    rolling_window(arr, 10),
    1, # axis

# Result with pandas
tmp = s.rolling(10).apply(np.percentile, args=(10, None, None, False,'lower'))
res_pd = tmp[tmp.notnull()]

# check if all values are similar
print(all(res_np == res_pd))

# Performance (pandas / numpy)
t_np = %timeit -o np.percentile(rolling_window(arr, 10), 10, 1, None, False, 'lower')
t_pd = %timeit -o s.rolling(10).apply(np.percentile, args=(10, None, None, False,'lower'))
print( /


100 loops, best of 3: 13.9 ms per loop
1 loop, best of 3: 5.06 s per loop


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guillemborrell commented Mar 6, 2017


Que conste que en mi máquina la versión de numpy tarda 24.9 ms.

Con pequeñas modificaciones a la función window_percentile:

def window_percentile(np.ndarray[double, ndim=1] arr, int window, double perc):
    # Create numpy array and set auxiliary array. This requires the GIL.
    cdef int imax = arr.shape[0]
    cdef np.double_t[:] buffer = <np.double_t [:imax]>malloc(imax * sizeof(double))
    cdef double NAN = math.NAN
    cdef int i, j, stride
    with nogil, parallel():
        for i in prange(imax, schedule='dynamic'):
            stride = i-(window-1)
            if i >= window - 1:
                buffer[i] = atomic_percentile(&arr[stride], window, perc)
                buffer[i] = NAN

    return np.asarray(buffer)

Lo bajo a 13.8 ms. Parte de la gracia de Cython es levantar el GIL y poder correr con varios cores.

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