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React Hooks and Context for user in
// We create a context interface with a reducer
import React, {createContext, useContext, useReducer} from 'react'
export const UserContext = createContext();
export const UserProvider = ({reducer, initialState, children}) =>(
<UserContext.Provider value={useReducer(reducer,initialState)}>
// We create a shortcut to make it easy to call
export const useUserValue = () => useContext(UserContext)
// Then we create the provider in the App so we have a context within all child components
import React from 'react'
import Stats from '../Stats';
import {UserProvider} from '../../userContext'
export default () => {
const initialUserState = {
birthYear: 1983,
deathYear: 1983+86
// We have an empty reducer so far
const reducer = (state,action) => {
return state
let [width,height] = useWindowSize()
return (<UserProvider initialState={initialUserState} reducer={reducer}>
// With two lines we access the context
import React from 'react'
import Box from '../Box'
import {useUserValue} from '../../userContext'
export default function Stats(props) {
const [user,dispatch] = useUserValue()
return <Box {...props} >= {JSON.stringify(user)} =</Box>
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