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Ikiru Yoshizaki guitarrapc

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guitarrapc /
Last active Jun 21, 2022
Pulumi のパッケージ更新をしたらプロパティ名が変わっており craete-replacement が生じしてしまった時の対処方法

Pulumi リソースのプロパティが変わってしまい create-replacement が発生する場合の対処方法


  • リソースのプロパティ名変更に対応するには、一度該当 URN を Stateから削除して、インポートしなおす。
  • 残念ながら、リソースの必須プロパティ名の変更で生じる reate-replacement に対処できる Custom Resource Options は存在しない。

see: Allow aliasing when a property which requires replacement changes name · Issue #9115 · pulumi/pulumi pulumi/pulumi#9115


guitarrapc / Allow-WSL2UuntuFirewall.ps1
Created Jun 12, 2022
Allow WSL2 Ubuntu 22.04 to access Host Windows Docker Desktop (Windows 11 21H2)
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# set this on Windows TaskScheduler with `At Logon, Run with highest priviledge, Delay task for 1min`
wsl.exe -d Ubuntu-22.04 --exec cat /etc/resolv.conf
Set-NetFirewallProfile -DisabledInterfaceAliases "vEthernet (WSL)" -Name Public
View RightShift.cs
void Main()
// 符号なし (unsigned) の 0xFF = 255
byte u = 0xFF;
// 符号付き (signed) の 0xFF = -1
sbyte s = (sbyte)u;
// 符号なしを右シフトすると、左端には 0 が入る。
// 11111111 FF
guitarrapc / ExponentialBackoff.cs
Last active Jun 1, 2022
ExponentialBackoff Implemantation via C#.
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public class ExponentialBackoff
private readonly int _delayMilliseconds;
private readonly int _maxDelayMilliseconds;
public int Retries => _retries;
private int _retries;
private int _pow;
public ExponentialBackoff(int delayMilliseconds, int maxDelayMilliseconds)
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name: README embed-code
branches: ["main"]
runs-on: ubuntu-latest
This is a *markdown* document with a code block:

// src/example.ts

export function helloWorld(name: string): string {
  return `Hello ${name}!, how are you today?`;
This is a *markdown* document with a code block:

// src/example.ts
guitarrapc / kustomization.yaml
Last active May 6, 2022
Agones configMapGenerator suffix hash reference in Agones GameServer and Fleet.
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- ../../agones/overlays/dev
- ../../configmap/overlays/dev
- nameref.yaml
View FailFastWhenAll.cs
public static class TaskExtentions
public static Task<TResult[]> WhenAllFailFast<TResult>(IEnumerable<Task<TResult>> tasks)
return WhenAllFailFast(tasks.ToArray());
public static Task<TResult[]> WhenAllFailFast<TResult>(params Task<TResult>[] tasks)
if (tasks is null) throw new ArgumentNullException(nameof(tasks));
if (tasks.Length == 0) return Task.FromResult(new TResult[0]);
guitarrapc / CancelCancellationTokenSource.cs
Last active Apr 15, 2022
C# CancellatonSource Status when Cancel on cts or LinkedCancellationSource.
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// cancel on Source CancellationTokenSource
async Task Main()
using var cts = new CancellationTokenSource();
var ct = cts.Token;
var task = FooAsync(ct);
await Task.Delay(TimeSpan.FromSeconds(3));
cts.Dump("cts"); // IsCancellationRequested True