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Working from home

Gullit Miranda gullitmiranda

Working from home
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diff --git lib/hive/acquisitions/document_template.ex lib/hive/acquisitions/document_template.ex
index 411b0d8a..2ce227ee 100644
--- lib/hive/acquisitions/document_template.ex
+++ lib/hive/acquisitions/document_template.ex
@@ -21,7 +21,21 @@ defmodule Hive.Acquisitions.DocumentTemplate do
- through: [:processes_templates_documents_templates, :process_template]
+ through: [:processes_templates_documents_templates, :process_template],
View theme.json
"functions": "~`(function() {\n var hueStep = 2",
"blue-1": "color(~`colorPalette(\"@{blue-6}\", 1)`)",
"blue-2": "color(~`colorPalette(\"@{blue-6}\", 2)`)",
"blue-3": "color(~`colorPalette(\"@{blue-6}\", 3)`)",
"blue-4": "color(~`colorPalette(\"@{blue-6}\", 4)`)",
"blue-5": "color(~`colorPalette(\"@{blue-6}\", 5)`)",
"blue-6": "#1890ff",
"blue-7": "color(~`colorPalette(\"@{blue-6}\", 7)`)",
"blue-8": "color(~`colorPalette(\"@{blue-6}\", 8)`)",
View diff.patch
diff --git i/src/components/Pages/Sections/GenericSection.tsx w/src/components/Pages/Sections/GenericSection.tsx
index 0e58d20..8a04ac7 100644
--- i/src/components/Pages/Sections/GenericSection.tsx
+++ w/src/components/Pages/Sections/GenericSection.tsx
@@ -2,17 +2,19 @@ import * as React from 'react';
import { Theme, withStyles, WithStyles, StyleRules } from 'material-ui/styles';
-import Section, { SectionColor, SectionProps } from '../../../ui/Section';
+import { MetaInfo } from '../../PrismicRender';
gullitmiranda / Butto.tsx
Created Nov 17, 2017 — forked from nuxlli/Butto.jsx
Extend material Button with Typescript
View Butto.tsx
import * as React from 'react';
import * as classNames from 'classnames';
import { Theme } from 'material-ui/styles';
import { withStyles, WithStyles, StandardProps } from 'material-ui';
import MButton, { ButtonProps, ButtonClassKey } from 'material-ui/Button';
export const styles = (theme: Theme) => ({
root: {
borderRadius: 4,
View raw.json
"body": {
"message": {
"body": "#PID<0.16608.4> running Hive.Endpoint terminated\nServer: (http)\nRequest: POST /graphql\n** (exit) an exception was raised:\n ** (KeyError) key :value not found in: %Absinthe.Blueprint.Input.Object{errors: [], fields: [%Absinthe.Blueprint.Input.Field{errors: [], flags: %{}, input_value: %Absinthe.Blueprint.Input.Value{data: nil, literal: %Absinthe.Blueprint.Input.String{errors: [], flags: %{}, schema_node: nil, source_location: nil, value: \"input.content.cpf-front\"}, normalized: %Absinthe.Blueprint.Input.String{errors: [], flags: %{}, schema_node: nil, source_location: nil, value: \"input.content.cpf-front\"}, schema_node: nil}, name: \"cpf-front\", schema_node: nil, source_location: nil}, %Absinthe.Blueprint.Input.Field{errors: [], flags: %{}, input_value: %Absinthe.Blueprint.Input.Value{data: nil, literal: %Absinthe.Blueprint.Input.String{errors: [], flags: %{}, schema_node: nil, source_location: nil, value: \"rj\"}, normalized:
usage() {
echo "
sh <( curl -sSL ) IMAGE_MATCH
gullitmiranda / full.log
Created Jan 27, 2017
react-native-git-upgrade log
View full.log
react-native-git-upgrade --verbose
git-upgrade info Check for updates
git-upgrade info Using yarn 0.19.1
git-upgrade info Read package.json files
git-upgrade info Check declared version
git-upgrade info Check matching versions
git-upgrade info Check React peer dependency
git-upgrade info Check that Git is installed
git-upgrade info Get information from NPM registry
#! /bin/bash
function valid_required_envs() {
# Configs
# Securities
gullitmiranda / Azkfile.js
Created Apr 5, 2016
Azkfile cakephp with rabbitmq
View Azkfile.js
// coloque este Azkfile no root de cada projeto alterando apenas o nome do sistema
// ex: biobanco, apipatinf
// obs. não esqueça de também adicionar o Dockerfile no root de cada projeto
// obs2. não esquecer de alterar o nome do sistema também no setDefault no final do Azkfile
avapng: {
depends: ["mysql"],
image: { dockerfile: './Dockerfile' },
workdir: '/var/www',
shell: '/bin/bash',


Base docker image to run a PostgreSQL database server in azk

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