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Safely Generate Electrum-valid P2PKH Addresses From Your HD Wallet's XPUB key
'use strict'
const { HDPublicKey, PublicKey, Address, Networks } = require('bitcore-lib')
const xpubkey = 'xpub...'
const hdPublicKey = HDPublicKey(xpubkey);
// We'll generate the first 20 addresses (default number of addresses that Electrum shows you)
for (let i = 0; i < 20; i++) {
const orderPublicKey = hdPublicKey.deriveChild(`m/0/${i}`)
// or
// const orderPublicKey = hdPublicKey.deriveChild(0).deriveChild(i)
var pubkey = PublicKey(orderPublicKey.publicKey)
var address = Address.fromPublicKey(pubkey/* , Networks.testnet */)
console.log("address", address)
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markashh commented Nov 18, 2019

how to get the private key

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